Iran Nuclear Deal

By now, everyone has heard about the Nuclear Deal in Iran and has probably heard many different versions of what’s going on. The Iranian Foreign Minister reported on April 2, that “we [him and the representatives from the /United States, Russia, Great Britain, China, China and a representative from the European Union] have reached a joint-agreement.” President Obama has stated that any deal will insure extreme verification making it impossible for Iran to achieve a nuclear weapon. However, many people are doubting the fruits of this deal for reason’s that will be explained below:

Firstly, Iran has a history of not being very transparent about its military operations even though the biggest pillar of this deal is inspecting Iran’s military facilities to insure that they are not pursuing a bomb when sanctions are liquidated.

The Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan has said, “inspection of military facilities is a red line and no inspection of any kind from such facilities would be accepted.” This directly contradicts a statement on the White Houses website saying there will be “intrusive monitoring of their [Iran’s] Nuclear Program.”

Iranian President Rouhani made a statement that, “We will not sign any agreement unless all economic sanctions are totally lifted on the first day of the implementation of the deal”. Which, again, directly contradicts a statement made by the White House’s fact sheet that says the United States will give “limited temporary and targeted” sanctions relief.

The Iranian government has an underground enrichment center called Fordo which, given that it is underground and immune to airstrikes, has drawn controversy. The United States stated that the deal will make the centrifuges there unable to operate for 15 years while Iran has stated that they will be able to use $1,000 of them.

The Iranian Supreme Leader or Ayatollah has tweeted that, “Israel has to be Annihilated,” as well as many anti-American slurs comparing the United States to the devil.

The Iranian deal sounds good for geo-political peace, but until these key issues are resolved, its fate will remain very uncertain.