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Junior class president Johnston French

October 21, 2016


Q: What are your expectations for Spirit Week?

A: Well, I wouldn’t call them expectations, but what I hope is that a lot of people show up for hall decorating, and we can get it done on time and it will look nice. I’m hoping a lot of people buy the T-shirts even though a lot of people have voiced strong negative opinions about them.

Q: Do you have ambitions to win the spirit stick this year?

A: Oh! Obviously! I mean that’s why I ran really, for the glory of the spirit stick.

Q: Your class has not won a spirit stick since freshmen year, do you think they’ve peaked too early?

A: No, I disagree with that assertion because you’ve only had two or three other chances to win, so really that’s the probability. We’re one for three with four classes. Do the math that’s pretty good!

Q: Who is your biggest competition for the spirit stick?

A: Well not the freshmen.

Q: Why not the freshmen?

A: I mean they’re just adjusting to this new school.

Q: Many people have complained that our school lacks spirit. Do you plan to make spirit week great again?

A: Well see that’s more the SCA’s job. My job is to make the junior class shirts great again.

Q: Is that to say that we’re not already great?

A: Well, I’m just saying we could be greater.

Q: Why is the junior class the best class?

A: We won the spirit stick as freshmen so clearly we’re the most spirited.

Q: Do you have reelection plans?

A: Not yet, this job is unforgiving so far. You can’t please everyone. This T-shirt design won with less then a majority in a Twitter poll and a lot of people dislike it.

Q: Do you hope to win back your constituents with hallway decorating?

A: Well, I’m just hoping hallway decorating doesn’t hurt me.

Q: Have you formally endorsed either candidate this presidential election?

A: No, I haven’t.


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