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2016-2017 Staff

Abigail Presson

Staff Reporter

Abby Presson is a freshman at Washington-Lee, and this is her first year on the newspaper staff.  She participates in several extracurriculars, including TSA and running on the cross-country team.  In her spare time, Abby enjoy...

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Anika Bahl

Staff Reporter

Anika Bahl is a freshman at W-L and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. Outside of newspaper, she is part of several other clubs including the debate team, MUN and the Unicef Club. In her free time, she enjoys liste...

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Gwen Taplin

Staff Reporter

Gwen Taplin is currently a sophomore, and this is her first year on the staff. She wastes away her time by playing field hockey on the JV team, trying desperately to keep up with the Chamber Orchestra, and solving world problems with...

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Holland Forsythe

Staff Reporter

Holland Forsythe is a Freshman at Washington-Lee. This is her first year working for the school newspaper. She is fascinated by journalism and hopes to have a job in the future involving writing. She is interested in hearing ot...

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Ariya Nosouhian

Staff Reporter

Ariya is a freshman at Washington-Lee. English class has always been different since 7th grade because of his English teacher, Mrs. Smith, and Ariya feels some sort of connection with the class. Mrs. Smith made learning English...

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Will LeHardy

Sports Editor

Will LeHardy is a junior, and this is his second year on the Crossed Sabres staff, and his first year as sports editor.  He runs on the cross country and track teams and is involved with the theatre department at W-L. He is...

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Hannah Rosman

Opinion Editor

Hannah Rosman is a sophomore and this is her second year on the Washington-Lee newspaper staff. She loves to sing and act, and regularly participates in community theater productions, on stage and behind the scenes. She volunteers...

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Olivia Sklenka

Lifestyles Editor

Olivia is currently a sophomore at Washington-Lee. This is her second year working for the school newspaper and her first year as a broadcast and lit mag student. Olivia aspires to be a journalist for the Marine Corps and hopes...

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Alice Bell

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor

Alice is currently a senior who just wants ten hours of sleep a night. She is in her fourth year on the paper, and acts as the co-editor-in-chief alongside Carolyn and Alice, and as layout editor. After graduation (that’s a...

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Jordi Kassa

Online Editor

Jordi Kassa is a senior and is in her fourth year of writing for the school newspaper. Currently, she is the News Editor. She is part of the cross country team, National Honor Society, MUN, and International Club. In her free...

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Fiona Turner

Opinion Editor

Fiona Turner is a senior, and this is final year on the Crossed-Sabres staff. This will be her third year as editor of the Opinions section in the newspaper. Fiona is a Full-IB student who loves sleep and watching new TV shows,...

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Carolyn Bradley


Carolyn Bradley is a senior and a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Crossed Sabres staff. Shes on the varsity field hockey team and likes being part of the community. She enjoys writing, traveling and running. Her book, The Summer of ...

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Alice Naland


Alice Naland is a senior and co-Editor-in-Chief of the Crossed Sabres. She is also the Student Body President and has fun representing her peers. Outside of school, Alice tutors kids four times a week and is involved in Arlington...

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