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Title of book: Lost in Taiwan

Author: Mark Crilley

Genre: Graphic Novel

Rating: 4/5 stars

Brief overview: Paul visits his brother Theo in Taiwan but wants absolutely nothing to do with exploring the city or connecting with his brother. He just wants to be left alone with his gaming. While his brother goes on an overnight trip, Paul decides to go out in the hopes of purchasing a super cheap new gaming system not yet available in the US. But his phone breaks and now he’s hopelessly lost in the city without GPS trying to figure out how to get back. Adventures with new friends ensue while trying to find his way back to his brother’s apartment.

Why you like it: It’s a really sweet story about travel, friendship and family with beautiful artwork



Title of book: Starter Villain

Author: John Scalzi

Genre: Sci-fi

Rating: 5/5

Brief overview: Charlie, a struggling substitute teacher dreaming of opening a pub, unexpectedly inherits his late uncle’s supervillain empire (complete with an island volcano hideout). But running a villain business isn’t all lasers and lava pits—Charlie faces real villains backed by powerful corporations. With the help of unionized dolphins and talking spy cats, Charlie must navigate this dangerous new world to continue his uncle’s fight against ruthless supervillains.

Why you liked it: Honestly, the book cover piqued my curiosity, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read! It combines humor and satire perfectly, making it incredibly entertaining.

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