Crossed Sabres

Indigenous people’s fight to be recognized

Carmen Bunker, Staff Reporter

January 19, 2020

The first Monday of November was met with outrage on social media. President Donald Trump declared November National American History and Founders Month. Since 1990, November was designated as National American Indian Heritage Month, approved by President George H. W. Bush. “[Indigenous Peoples...

Virginia goes blue

Kate Wilcox, Staff Reporter

January 18, 2020

On November 5, 2019, the state of Virginia turned Democratic for the first time in 26 years. Democrats now control both houses in the Virginia General Assembly, flipping two seats in the state Senate and five in the House of Representatives.  “I think [the election results] were really good, I think the ...

IB film students nominated best in their category

IB film students with Tom Oliva, the co-founder of the festival.

Megan Goodell, Staff Reporter

January 18, 2020

Six students competed at the All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) an invitational film festival in New York City, New York in October. The AAHSFF is the biggest high school film festival in the country and students come from all over the country to compete. Their film, titled An “Unexpected State of...

Our new pronoun policy


January 16, 2020

Earlier this year, Arlington Public Schools (APS) announced a new Policy Implementation Procedure (PIP) that would, among other things, establish each student’s right to be referred to by the pronoun of their choice. This decision, while divisive in some parts of the community, was a step forward f...

The march against climate change

Students lay down with their homemade signs advocating for officials to acknowledge and try to better the issue.

Kate Wilcox and Sam Evans, Staff Reporters

October 30, 2019

On Friday, September 20, thousands of students came from many different schools into the major cities to march against climate change. The students carried signs and posters detailing the changes that they want the government to make to better address the issue of climate change. Young people are concer...

Making a difference

Abigail Presson, Editor-in-Chief

October 28, 2019


The generals brigade

The Generals Brigade offers a unique way to get students involved at school

Carmen Bunker and Karenna Keane, Staff Reporters

October 28, 2019

It’s Friday night and students from every grade come together as one, dressed in a common theme, cheering together as a football flies through the air. All of this spirit, the themes, the chanting, stems from one club: the Generals Brigade.     “We’re trying to rally a lot of people to go to all sp...

IB art leaves a legacy

An IB art piece located on the second floor draws many eyes to it.

Megan Goodell, Keyli Ruiz, Staff Reporters

October 18, 2019

When you walk down the hallways at school you see beautiful unique murals filled with color instead of boring, gray walls. Most of the murals are done by the students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts II class. This year, however, the class faced a special challenge because of the name c...

Bakeshop provides a unique job opportunity for students

Washington-Liberty High School graduate Bemnet Negash greets one of Bakeshop's customers. Bakeshop shits usually consist of serving customers and prepping materials such as bags for use.

Julia Van Lare, Managing Editor

October 15, 2019

When Bakeshop first opened in 2010, owner Justin Stegall viewed the gray pillar in its center as an eyesore, a necessary evil that blocked the open feel of the shop. When Stegall received his first few cards of thanks from children and neighborhood residents, he realized the pillar would be an ideal pl...

Work it!

Work it!

Karina Lazorchak and Annabel Phoel

June 4, 2019

As the school year wraps up, another tradition approaches for the school’s seniors— Senior Experience. Instead of going to class, students must complete 75 hours of work during the three weeks, whether they spend it at an internship, job or use the time to accomplish something noteworthy, like writ...

The importance of sustainability

A snail moves around within the aquatic chamber of an eco-column. The IB Biology eco-column project was a project with the goal of reaching sustainability.

Gus Nathanson, Online Editor

May 20, 2019

The concept of environmental sustainability is a topic that is rarely spoken of in everyday conversation. It has been a notable trend that the general public takes it for granted, and merely assumes that the environment will keep functioning and working to benefit the people of the world. The studen...

Alternatives to college

Junior Yonatan Belihu looking at public education posters in the main stairway. He is still deciding on whether or not he wants to go to a four-year college or pursue other options.

Simon Espejo, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2019

College is a word that high school students hear often, whether it be from their parents, teachers or friends. However, for some students, college is not the right choice, and there are plenty of alternatives after high school to consider. For some, enlisting in the military is a good option. Others might ...

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