Crossed Sabres

Lelia Troiano (left) + Wendy Taylor (right)

Welcoming W-L’s Newest Teachers

Charlotte Cunningham October 1, 2022

Note: The reason for differences in length of stories are based on the amount of information provided by teachers.  What comes to mind during the beginning of a new school year? Probably being excited,...

Photos taken by Janhvi Spahr

Attention to the Annex 

Grace Joseffer, Managing Editor September 28, 2022

Photo Caption: Photos taken by Janhvi Spahr The long-awaited new building: the annex, is now complete and ready for the school year. The annex was the result of an overhaul of the Arlington Education...

How you can help Ukrainians in need

Camila Peña, Outside Reporter June 12, 2022

On February 24th, 2022 Russia prepared a long awaited attack upon Ukraine, years after the Ukrainian revolution took place. Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, attacked Ukraine with a large army to keep them...

Fall in love with the world around you

WL Entrepreneurs guide to starting a small business

Camila Peña, Outside Contributor June 11, 2022

Welcome “Dazed & Woozy” and “The Big Yawn” to the WL community! Students in the school have exhibited vast creativity and entrepreneurship skills by creating these small fashion-based businesses....

Art Gallery Exhibit

The Arlington Art Gallery inside a garage

Liam Mason, Staff Reporter June 11, 2022

  Decorated with translucent plastic foliage, this was the most beautiful garage door I had ever seen. That was the second shock. The first was, of course, pulling up to the address of a brand...

Poppyseed Rye’s entrance with outdoor seating to the right

Top new locations in The Ballston Area this Summer

Kayla Combs, Staff Manager June 11, 2022

Summer is almost here and everything is changing, not only with school but in the Ballston area as well. New stores, restaurants, and locations have sprouted nearby. Here's what you may have missed!   Poppyseed...

The revival of Senior Assassins

Kate Wilcox, Design Editor June 10, 2022

Assassins are an age-old tradition at the school. Despite being stopped by the pandemic for the class of 2020, Senior Assassins is back for this year’s graduating class. To enter the Assassins game,...

The gender neutral bathroom debate

The gender neutral bathroom debate

Grace Joseffer, Copy Editor June 10, 2022

There were around 1.4 million adults in the U.S. who identified as transgender in 2016 and 1.2 million adults in the U.S. who identify as nonbinary in 2021, according to the Williams Institute at UCLA....

Senior staff movie recommendations

Senior staff movie recommendations

Sahara Sania, Staff Reporter June 9, 2022

It is time to bid adieu to the senior class of 2022. The graduating class this year has certainly grappled with a lot along the way. We were restless and senseless, with no idea how the rest of our high...

PeaceJam Speaker

Nobel Peace Laureate talks to students

Ella Cohen, Copy Editor June 9, 2022

Punk rocker Ivan Suvanjieff approached young boys carrying guns in Denver, according to the Christian Science Monitor. They had joined a gang, despite their young age. Without reprimand, he aimed to have...

The 4 Black Student Union leaders 

The Fantastic 4 of the Black Student Union Club 

Liya Rike, Staff Reporter June 9, 2022

Four Black women, with most of their college tuition, paid off between them, seniors Sara Berhe-Abraha, Cecilia Fosso, Dominique Blount, and Morgann Noble lead the Black Student Union (BSU) club at the...


A new generation of pride

Naima Tinsley June 8, 2022

The first-ever Pride Month march was held in New York City on June 28, 1970. The march marked the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a series of riots that began after New York police officers...

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