Quick Halloween Costumes for Those Who Procrastinate


1. Bag of Jellybeans (credit: Maeve Cantwell)

-Find a pack of party balloons

-Blow up around twenty to thirty (more or less, depending on height and how many you want)

-Write Jelly Belly on each (or another brand)

-Tape or glue them to a T-shirt

-Wrap yourself with Saran wrap, Stretch-Tite or some other kind of clear plastic wrap

-Write Jelly Belly on the outside (or another brand)


2. Bottle of Ketchup

-dress in red

-approximate a ketchup brand logo (heinz, etc) or print one off the computer

-attach to the front of your shirt or sweatshirt

3. Greek God or Goddess

-use a white or purple sheet as a toga

-twist gold pipecleaners with fake laurel leaves into a crown

-wear brown sandals or flip-flops


4. The Classic Ghost: It Hardly Warrants Instructions

-find a white sheet you don’t want anymore

-drape it over yourself and cut two holes for eyes (armholes are optional)


5. Someone With Identity Crisis (credit: Fiona Turner)

-put on a typical pair of jeans,  a boring t-shirt with no designs and everyday shoes

-write twenty different random names on nametags and stick them all over yourself


6. Pile of Dirty Laundry

-put on wrinkly pants and a wrinkly shirt.

-find other random articles of clothing

-safety pin them to your clothes so the pins are hidden and make sure the clothes are overlapping.

-tie shoes together with the laces and loop them through belt loops or over your shoulder

-mess up your hair

-make sure you don’t smell TOO bad