Amazon Drones

It seems like an impossible feat, thought up by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, to have drone delivery. Yup, drones dropping off your packages in just 30 minutes! When people talk of the future, this is what they must’ve meant.

The idea was officially announced December 2 in a 60 Minutes interview with Bezos where he described his futuristic plans to renovate the praised Amazon Prime shipping. This got a lot of hype from amazon buyers who, although very pleased with the 1-2 day shipping Amazon Prime offers, were hoping for an even quicker package delivery.

These drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which fly to houses to drop of Amazon packages. It sort of sounds like something from a sci-fi movie which was one of the reasons people liked the idea so much.

Although this idea could be a breakthrough for the shipping industry, there has been a lot of talk about the effect drones have on the privacy of the customers. Many think that the cameras on the drones could invade their personal space and let amazon officials see who they are shipping to. This new innovation, being dubbed “Octocopter” would need clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA before Amazon enacts this mind-blowing idea.

There are many regulations that the drone shipping have to pass before Amazon is able to actually incorporate it into their service. One day we should all expect to receive our packages via drone, but for one company, that dream is just around the corner.