Glee Viewership Downfall

Glee’s season 5 viewership has dropped more than ever with Cory Monteith’s death, confusing story lines and new characters. Glee is a show about William McKinley’s glee club, and their struggle to fit in the social caste system of their school. During seasons 1 – 3, the main characters were set in Lima, Ohio, while during seasons 4 and 5, the show splits between New York with Rachel, Kurt and Santana, and Lima with the glee club. New characters were added in Season 4 to the glee club to fill the gap of Mercedes, Quinn, Puck and Mike Chang who all graduated in season 3.

The new characters consisted of Marley Rose, Jake Puckerman, Ryder Lynn, Kitty Wilde and Wade (Unique) Adams. Many viewers disliked the new characters because of their extreme similarities to the original cast. Fans are disappointed in the Lima storyline, which has costed them viewers. Season 4 saw a significant drop from the previous season from 10 million viewers to 8 million viewers and season 5 is seeing a bigger drop in viewers. Many fans have their own ideas on why the viewership has gone down. One of them being the death of one of the main characters, Finn Hudson played by Cory Monteith. “The Quarterback” was the third episode of season 5 and had the highest viewership up until now with 7 million viewers tuning in to watch the tribute to Monteith and his character Finn. Glee has Season 5 and 6 before it will go off air and many wonder if Glee will gain it’s major viewers back.