The Walking Dead


AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently on its mid season break and will return on February 9th. The hit zombie apocalyptic thriller is in its 4th season of production, originally airing in October 2010. The shows success has grown with all of the season four episodes having over 11 million viewers with the season premiere totaling over 16 million total viewers. This was the most watched episode in the shows history.


Season Four opened where the third season left off. The group, led by protagonist Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, had successfully secured their prison home from attack. This attack was led by the main antagonist of season three and four, the Governor, played by David Morrissey.


During the the first couple of episodes of Season Four, the group is challenged by internal conflicts. A deadly plague is spread around the prison, killing 20 people, but no major characters. Carol, who has been with the group since Season One, attempted to limit the spread of disease by burning the bodies of Karen and David. These actions led to her exile from the group by Rick.

The team continues to battle the sickness for the first four episodes, eventually succeeding but only after the deaths of many.


Episode six, re-introduces the Governor, whose return was much anticipated after his defeat in the  Season 3 finale. The entire episode is an extended flashback, showing the audience what the Governor has been doing since the group defeated him. We learn he was abandoned by his group, left to fend for himself. The Governor, now calling himself Brian Heriot, find a small family and leads them safely to a bigger camp. This camp, which appears to be strong, is led by the Governor’s former henchman Martinez. After pretending that he is a changed man, the Governor quickly kills off all the leaders of the new group, and takes control himself. He then prepares his new group, to attack Rick’s group, in order to get his personal revenge

In Episode eight, the Mid-Season finale, the war between the Governor and Rick continues. The Governor, who had kidnapped Hershel and Michonne, states that he only wants the prison and doesn’t intend to hurt anybody. Rick pleads that they can all live peacefully together, but the Governors short temper flares. He decapitates Herschel,who was tied up and being used as a hostage. As soon as the Governor attacks Hershel, both sides start to fire.


The casualty filled and high explosive war results in the death of many members of the group, and ultimately has no winner. Michonne escapes her bondage and kills the Governor, but not after his group starts to destroy the prison. Rick’s group escapes with most of their members, but is still forced to leave the safety of the prison, which was engulfed in flames. Carl and Rick both fight courageously, but horrifically discover that baby Judith was killed during the fight. The final shot is Rick and Carl stumbling off in tears, with the ruined prison in the background.

When season four returns, the show could go in any direction. Where will the group go next? Who survived the fight? How will Rick react to the death of Judith? Many question are unanswered, making the Mid-season return highly anticipated.

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