New Spider-Man movie goes the extra Miles

Untold story about a different Spider-Man Miles Morales with raving reviews


Sony Pictures Animation

Spider-Man swings through New York City. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse was released on December 14.

When Sony announced that they were in production of yet another Spider-Man movie, it is likely most rolled their eyes at the thought. This is the seventh Spider-Man movie to be produced, not to mention an existing franchise with three versions of the same Peter Parker story.

However, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse displayed a whole other untold story excluding Peter Parker from the spotlight, and the Uncle Ben death scene that has been seen one too many times. The film offers groundbreaking animation, a whole universe of masked Spider-Men and Spider-Women, and a  new beloved Spider-Man of Brooklyn New York, Miles Morales.

“I think its cool that they not only had another black superhero in Marvel, but also based [them] on one of my favorite superheroes, Spider-Man,” said junior Yonny Belihu. “I kinda heard about a black Spider-Man, but was pretty surprising to see him on the big screen like this.”

Not only was the film a fresh take on a once repetitive Spider-Man story with new characters, but it also received the highest praise from audiences and critics out of any pre-existing Spider-Man movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse a 97 percent on their Tomatometer while audiences gave the movie a 94 percent, surpassing predecessor Spider-man successes.  Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) received a 92 percent and Spider-Man 2 (2004) received a 93 percent.

“Prior to the movie’s release, I really thought [Marvel] outdid themselves with Spider-Man Homecoming, and I couldn’t imagine them making one I liked better,” said junior Eli Roggen. “What they did with this new Spider-Man absolutely blew me away.”

The movie’s release was around the time cinematic awards were being given out, and posed a large threat to preexisting animated movies nominated. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse blew powerhouse animations out of the water, such as Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse received many awards, including the  Golden Globe for best animated film of 2019, as well as the critic’s Choice Movie award for best animated film, just to name a few. This can be credited to the movie’s never before seen animation style, to give the movie a comic-esque to it, while maintaining fluid motions and vibrant colors leaving the audience wonderstruck.

“I really enjoyed the fact that this Spider-Man movie had a very different aesthetic from other [spider-man] movies I have watched,” Said Junior Henry Erwin “ The animation style alone was enough to catch the audience’s interest.”

We see a flashback of the Movie’s main villain Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk,  attacking the Peter Parker from Morales dimension when suddenly his family walks in on the situation and leaves in fear, only to be killed by a truck on their departure. Fisk is determined to bring back his family by any means necessary, even if that means creating a portal to different dimensions using a “super collider”. Fisk hopes to replace them with their counterparts from a different universe, but a malfunction occurs with the super collider, bringing different Spider heroes from all different dimensions to crash land in to Morales’ universe in Brooklyn.

“ I really enjoyed the new take from the original movies and the story kept me intrigued the whole time,” said junior Claire Schulte. “ I also thought [ the villain]  in the movie was a strong character that had justification for his wrong doings.”


The movie features seven different spider heroes that are in Miles’ dimension of Brooklyn for the majority of the movie. These include Peter Parker from Miles’ universe, Peter Parker from a different universe, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Noir, Spider-ham, and SP//dr, a robotic spider mech suit controlled by Peni Parker.

“The different versions of Spider-Man seen in this movie were really interesting to me because I feel like they all brought something different to the table,” said junior Christian Auth   “ I think the movie did a great job making sure each character was unique from the other, making sure they didn’t make seven identical Spider-Men.”

The new masked heroes featured in the movie offer a more entertaining Spider-man with new faces and abilities, as well as creating a bond never before seen in another Spider-man movie. In most Spider-man movies a large part of the story arc has to do with the fact Peter Parker is so different and misunderstood before and after the radioactive spider bite, ultimately how he is facing the changes alone.

“Honestly I got a little tired of seeing the same Spider-Man plot over and over, so this movie was a great change of pace,” said junior Zach Senkus. “ I like how they used a character that more people could relate too especially for students, just like Miles.”

What is so different in this movie, is that when Miles is going through his lowest point, all the heroes know exactly how he feels and support him. This is  because they each have experienced a similar pain of Miles in their own universe. This sort of interaction has never really been before seen in other Spider-Man movies, allowing for a deeper connection to form within the heroes.  

“Not only was this movie beautiful to watch, but I felt like the Miles Morales story arc was one that related to a broader audience,” said junior Evan Walker  “ It seemed like this story was in the dark for so long and I am really glad [Sony] decided to finally put Miles Morales in the light.”