Alternatives to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love and romance, is almost here. On February 14, children and adults alike will shower their friends and loved ones with gifts that range from cards with endearing messages to chocolates and long-stemmed red roses. Valentine’s Day has become more about showing love through money rather than in other ways.

Many teachers and students agreed that Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation, caring and to show your feelings to loved ones or friends and family, and that it is not all about the gifts.

“Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your love and affection towards someone that means a lot to you,” science teacher Ms. Stephanie Sarmiento said. “I think you can make something that doesn’t cost a lot, and as long as it has that sentimental value, then I think that can actually be worth more to a person than actually spending a lot.”

Ms. Sarmiento believes Valentine’s Day is about showing love to your loved ones or a close friend that means a lot to you. Freshman Suzanna Monahan agreed.

“[The purpose of Valentine’s Day is] to show your appreciation to people you love,” Momahan said.

Some people debate on when the right time to decorate for Valentine’s day can be. I believe people should decorate one week before since it isn’t one of those special holidays like Christmas.

“Two or three days, not too early,” Freshman Sophie Hartman said.

Ms. Sarmiento, however, had a different opinion.

“I would say in the beginning of February it is good,” Ms. Sarmiento said.

This holiday is intended for both men and women since it is a day where they exchange gifts and other types of affection.

“I should say that it’s equal, but I know my husband is doing something for me for Valentine’s Day so I’ll probably just get him a card,” said Ms. Sarmiento.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but it isn’t for romantic lovers only. Valentine’s Day is also a day to remember all the love you have in your life, which includes your wonderful family and friends.

“I think it can be just about love towards your friends and having a good relationship with them as well towards someone that means something very special to you,” said Ms. Sarmiento.