Issues On Privacy

There have been millions of complaints regarding privacy breaches, from google tracking your search history to the NSA spying on you, for the past year the uproar concerning privacy issues has been on the largest scale. The new standards for an individual’s privacy, and/or an organization’s privacy, have forced businesses to re-visit their privacy policy. Video surveillance is becoming increasingly common, and aside from facial recognition and being watched even in our own houses, much of the population that as the cost of surveillance technology decreases, the temptation to utilize present technological abilities will increase.

At the end of August earlier this year, there was an increase in hostility towards privacy abuses as Facebook stripped some of their policies involving the restriction of using your personal data, resulting in their newfound ability to use and possibly sell your personal information. This is an example of the increase in the amount of companies who are altering their privacy policies.

Another factor to be considered in privacy is drone production. Drones have become the sole device in military surveillance in foreign countries, and as the price of them get cheaper and cheaper, they become more accessible and more tempting to use, even in potentially illegal situations, such as spying on someone. The government is moving forward extremely slowly in legislative decisions concerning drone laws, mainly because of the social uproar about drones used by law enforcement or government agencies to spy on you, or exploit your privacy. \

Internet tracking as a whole has been a major concern for the public, as more and more sites and even search engines track your movements online. Whenever someone searches something on Google, they often get adds almost immediately, advertising the thing that this person searched. This could be helpful, as it connects you to more information that you need, however the information can also be sold to other companies, and potentially resulting at the expense of your privacy. Sometimes, because of this market of information, your insurance can be greatly raised.