Holiday Bazaar 2014


Every year, the Holiday Bazaar adds a little twist to traditional holiday shopping. Local artists and designers come from all around Arlington to share their creations and help the community with its holiday shopping. This year, the Holiday Bazaar took place on December 6, from 10-4 p.m.

The Facebook page states that the Holiday Bazaar was created to support the senior class and many other clubs and sports teams. Almost every sports team has a booth set up.

The school’s swim team sold hot cocoa mix last year and were very successful with business. This year, the swim team created a new round of cocoa mix and sold every last one. The opportunity to raise money through the Holiday Bazaar allowed for different teams to buy equipment. “Every year the Holiday Bazaar allows for us to raise more money,” said sophomore Lauren Montgomery. “I like volunteering at the Holiday Bazaar because it makes me feel like I’m helping my team out.”

Last year, the band sold fruits and nuts to help generate money for their end of the year trips. Many clubs and performing arts groups use the time at the Holiday Bazaar to raise money for a variety of activities like field trips, materials and tickets for performances. Some club tables sold handmade bags and jewelry from India and other parts of the world to give jobs to those less fortunate. “I worked the Art Club table and we sold ornaments and hot chocolate,” said sophomore Sierra Randolph. “Without the Holiday Bazaar it’d be hard to continue the club. The Holiday Bazaar ensures we’ll gain more funds.”

The Holiday Bazaar allows buyers to find the right gift for friends and family.  Last year, many trinkets and interesting objects came together to give shoppers a variety of ideas for gifts. Some examples of items sold last year are jewelry, pendants and handmade scarfs. Most of the items sold were crafted by the individuals selling them, creating a home-style feel to the items which make for a great holiday gift.

Other items include mini top hats, soap scrubs and even handmade and manufactured American Girl doll clothes. The wide range of items sold allows for buyers to find interesting items that can not be found in many other places.

Some interesting items sold were copper rings, handmade scarfs and soaps by many different individuals and local businesses. Each item was handcrafted and made with labors of love. The Holiday Bazaar’s Facebook page states that the bazaar “invites participation from vendors with high quality handmade crafts and gift items.” This reassures buyers that the products they will receive at the bazaar will be worth it.

If you’re looking to sell something at next year’s Holiday Bazaar, you can email them at [email protected].