Domestic Abuse Hotline Available in Arlington

Worldwide, one in every four women are abused during their lifetime, and in the DMV, on average a domestic violence call is made every 16 minutes. The total number has continuously risen, thus Arlington County has taken further steps towards combating the problem. Based on these statistics, a new 24-hour sexual assault hotline has launched for Arlington County residents. The non-profit Doorways for Women and Families has partnered with the Arlington County Police Department to create this resource for women who are in dangerous or vulnerable positions. This hotline will be used to try and combat domestic abuse and can be used by anyone.

Immediate help is not the only thing that will be provided with this new program. Hospital care will be accessible due to their partnership with Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, and the Sheriff’s Office and Department of Human Services. After a call, shelter and police investigations will be launched. Programs such as counseling and trauma therapy will continue to be provided for all victims. Other programs that will also be available is the Doorways Safe House which is an 11 bed house for families in imminent danger and the Court Advocacy Program which provides assistance with the legal system.

While this is a program centered around help for women and children, help for men is also available.

The non-profit will also partner with Arlington County Department of Human Services – Violence Intervention Program, Arlington’s Victim Witness Department and Arlington Police and Sheriff’s Departments to provide victims with as much help and attention as possible.

The hotline can be reached at 703-237-0881 and can be used by anyone who feels that they or their family members are in danger at any point in time.

This expansion is aimed towards making Arlington County residents feel safer as well as changing the views on domestic violence and the perceived need to always keep silent.