Marco Rubio Announces Presidential Bid


Florida junior Senator Marco Rubio has announced his bid for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential race during a rally in Miami, Florida, on Monday, April 13. Rubio has billed his campaign between the past and the future, portraying competitor Hillary Clinton as “yesterday’s leader.”

The Republican Party has been viewed as very divided with several candidates all vying for the nomination, especially in comparison to the Democrats, who only have one candidate in the race. Rubio has announced a bid, alongside Senator Rand Paul and Canadian-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz as well as hints at a bid from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Rubio has taken traditionally conservative stances on several hot issues like same-sex marriage, domestic abuse, abortion, Obamacare, gun control and net neutrality. He supports increasing the defense budget and favors the Senate Republican plan, which cuts $43 trillion from Medicare and other critical programs. He also favors cutting the corporate taxes to 25 percent and is against net neutrality, again seeming to prove the oft-repeated allegation that the Republican Party kowtows to the rich. He believes marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman, but urges Americans to abide by Supreme Court decisions.

He has taken the anti-net-neutrality stance as well. Net neutrality is the belief that internet service providers (like Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, sometimes called ISPs) should not be able to charge extra for certain services, like video or music streaming. Obama has backed this policy for his entire presidency. Rubio favors transferring control of the Internet to the government, which would provide the government with far more power than necessary and, many believe, would effectively destroy the free and equal atmosphere.

Rubio also plans to ban abortion after 20 weeks under the assumption that fetuses can feel pain, except in cases of rape, danger to the mother’s life or incest. In 2013, he co-sponsored a Senate bill aiming to bring about these changes, which did not pass. He considers birth control, like condoms, diaphragms or the pill, to be tantamount to abortion. Rubio also alleges that abortion leads to higher risks of suicide.

As for international affairs, he plans to reform immigration and block Obama’s normalization of relations with Cuba, believing that it will be “at the Cuban people’s expense.” Rubio has also stated that he supports a permanent American presence in Iraq and wants to increase the power of the president in attacking the Islamic State. He also favors hitting Iran under sanctions until they agree to abandon their nuclear plans.

Rubio also believes climate change is not produced by humans. In his home state, however, Floridians have been increasingly affected by rising sea levels eating away at their coastlines. According to a Yale study, 56 percent of citizens believe humans have a hand in climate change, and 42 percent believe it either it is natural or it is not actually happening. And according to an interview with ABC’s This Week, he declared that climate-change laws would only serve to destroy the economy.

The Republican Party has historically lost the minority vote and tends to be made predominantly of upper class white Americans. Both Rubio and Cruz have both been viewed as a way to eat at the Democratic voting base, as they are both Hispanic candidates. Historically, many Hispanic people have elected not to vote. However, their numbers are going up and both major parties believe Hispanic voters are the key to winning the presidential election.

Others who have announced presidential bids are Senator Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State under the Obama administration.