Possible Metro instead of Streetcar?

In light of the cancellation of the streetcar line on Columbia Pike, a new idea of adding a metro station has come into play. The continuous population and job growth in places including Pentagon City, Crystal City and the Pike has left a need for more transit to accommodate the sheer number of people moving from place to place. Since the streetcar was an unpopular option and larger buses will not be the most optimal course for long term transit, a Metro station seems to be the next point for discussion.

There is an already existing sub tunnel at the Pentagon Metro station which can be connected to once a new metrorail line is built under Columbia Pike. This plan was developed in the 1960s, but has yet to be acted upon or brought up for consideration. With a slew of new candidates running for open positions on the county board, many are hopeful that this plan will be put into action.

While this plan is still open for discussion, bus stations will be the short term fix to the problem, with 23 new stations that will be put in along Columbia Pike at a cost of $12.4 million. The county plans to spend $200 million over the next six years on nicer buses and plans to integrate all bus stations, not just on Columbia Pike.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has a 40-year metrorail plan in place, but it does not include the additions to Columbia Pike, making this new metro station a harder plan to pass, but one that so far has a strong support behind it. Many are arguing that curtailing discussions on the subject and moving forward with the plan is a full-proof idea that will be very beneficial. The plan started in 2013 and included a recently cancelled streetcar line between D.C. and Arlington.

With discussions already underway the metro plans for Columbia Pike seems to be a plan that everyone can agree on.