And then there was nine


Henry Weiss

Seniors Karen Cordova and Saray Argote observe the new iOS 9 update.

Millions of iPhone users anxiously waited until September 16 for the release of the new iOS 9 software. While not receiving the hype that iOS 8 did, users saw new changes to the interface as well as apps for the array of Apple products.

At its core, iOS 9 was a build-off of iOS 8, but noticeable changes were made. Apple changed the font for app titles, headers and texting. For the multitasking formatting, double tapping the home button brings you to a new interface for the apps currently running. If  a notification is received while using a second app, one can go back to the first app they were previously using by clicking a back arrow at the top of the screen.

Some criticized Apple’s lack of diversity with their emojis. With the new update, more races are represented as well as more cultures. “I like iOS 9 because of the flag emojis,” junior Thalia Alpos said. “I’m Greek, so it’s great that there’s a Greece flag now.”

While Apple Maps has been criticized in the past for its inaccuracies, a new feature allows for users to see what events and businesses are in their area. From movies to shopping, Apple Maps can now locate desired locations in the surrounding area. A new transit feature allows customers to search local train and bus schedules as well.

Those who use the Notes app can now create checklists within the app. Notes also allows pictures to be added to the app, taken from within or from the Photos section. For those who do not want to type, a sketch feature has been added for users to take notes.

On iPads, a Multi-View feature has been added. Similar to Samsung products, Multi-View allows for two apps to be open and running side by side for multi-tasking usage.

Apple has added a News app to the home screen. Users can select the genres and sources of news they want, and a custom feed of articles is made for them.

Apple boasts improved Siri and battery life as well as a software update that takes up less space on the phone. In a mobile world where productivity and efficiency matter the most, iOS 9 is another step on the journey of constant improvements.