High winds force Spring Fling reschedule


The junior class announced the postponement via Instagram

The junior class government was forced to reschedule the Spring Fling dance after high winds on March 2 led Arlington Public Schools (APS) to close schools. This was the originally scheduled date for the dance, which is traditionally held by the junior class every spring to raise money for prom.

Upon realizing that school was going to be closed, the junior class officers took action. “Most of the SCA was asleep when I realized, but I shot an email to the DJ and [junior class president Sarah Russell-Hunter] talked to the administration,” junior class vice president Luke Anzaldi said.

The date change was something of a hassle for the junior class officers. “Unfortunately, some people have conflicts with the schedule, so we have to refund them,” Anzaldi said. “Sales are still going fairly well, though. We saw a definite improvement when we dropped prices from $15 to $10.”

Choosing a new date for the dance was difficult, because the class had to schedule around sporting events, exams and other potential conflicts. As of now, Friday, April 6 has been chosen as the new date. This is potentially subject to change, however, since the junior class would prefer a Saturday dance. “We’re in the process of asking administration for a Saturday date to avoid sports conflicts, but it’s not likely they’ll agree to it,” Anzaldi said.

The junior class is hoping that a Saturday date would improve sales, since the primary goal of the dance each year is to fundraise. Last year’s Spring Fling was cancelled due to low sales. “Last year, the date we got was a Friday, and it was right before an SAT, right before the Topics mock exam and it was the day of the hockey game against Yorktown,” former junior class vice president Elena Cannon said. “So we were given a day that we couldn’t make work in the end.”

Students with questions about the dance can speak to junior class sponsor Ms. Katrina Reed or one of the junior class officers. Attendees to the dance are encouraged to wear spring colors and semi-formal attire.