Decorating early

These days, it seems like the Christmas season starts the moment Halloween ends. This influx of holiday decorations causes annual grumbling and groaning, but, of course, there’s also that special demographic that starts listening to Christmas music and decking the halls on November 1st. People should start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving because the feeling of having festive lights makes it more homie and I don’t find a reason why you shouldn’t have them up early. 

According to the New York Post, in a recent survey of 2000 Americans, 57% start their holiday shopping early in the year.

In November the weather is usually very nice and warm and good for outdoor activities. If you wait too late to decorate you run the risk of having to having to work in the damp chill instead of the soft sunshine and having to wear coats and scarves rather than shorts and flip flops. My family and I prefer to start putting up Christmas decorations during the warm weekends in November because we like to avoid decorating in the cold weather and it’s just easier if you avoid decorating with so many layers of clothes on .

According to a radio station in Cleveland called Cleveland Star 102, about 43% of Americans start to decorate their homes early in November. 

Christmas lights, to some, are a way of looking at and showing spirit towards the holiday season. Throughout the world, people from different ethnic groups each have a way of showing their Christmas character. One of the prettiest things that can be seen in the Christmas season is the beautiful array of lights adorning trees, street lamps and streaming across the top of homes. Christmas lights to me symbolizes hope and good in the world.

 Based on The New York Post about 32% of Americans polled are planning to put up extra Christmas lights than they did the year before.  

When we think of Christmas time in the United States, we think of massive amounts of Christmas lights, large Christmas trees, and all kinds of other holiday décor making sure that nobody misses out on the holiday season. Some people prefer to use old decorations and some might prefer to buy new ones. People should reuse their decorations if they have them because its a waste of money if you just buy new decorations. If people have them at home, why not start decorating early if you have them.

According to American Tree Association, 81% of households will buy artificial trees and 19% will be real. For the 81% of those who have an artificial tree they recycle one they used in the past years. There should be more people that reuse their old decor to try and save money.

Therefore I believe people more people should start decorating before thanksgiving because if you have the decorations from previous years why not start early Additionally if you start before Thanksgiving  you can prevent decorating in the cold weather and decorate in the warm weather.