Freshman girls basketball shut down Wakefield


Number 30, Fiona Williams prepares a pass to number 35, Caita Bonzano.

The score is tight at the end of the half. The players arrive back onto the court for the start of the third quarter, completely prepared for anything Wakefield has in their arsenal. Their confidence finally shows, and the Generals pulls away from Wakefield; at this point it is clear that Washington-Lee is going to win.

The freshman girls basketball team had a record of 2-1 going into the game with both of their wins coming at home, and their one loss away against West Potomac High School. The team was coming off of a 34-5 win over Lee High School when they played Wakefield on Wednesday, December 5, who they beat 29-16.

The entire first half, for the most part, was a stalemate. Neither team was on their game, and both were within reach of each other in terms of the score.

“The first half definitely isn’t what I would have wanted from my girls, we started out a little slow, our defense wasn’t one hundred percent what we needed to do,” Coach Hannah Gombos said.

The school regained their footing in the third quarter, making the score 21-14 and only allowing Wakefield to score two points in the fourth quarter.

“The second half is the team I would like to see…our movement of the ball was very good and we were able to get shots open,” coach Gombos said. “Our defense in the 2-3 zone was much more successful against them.”

The Generals played a strong game and their performance from the team earned praise from Coach Gombos.

“I would say our players of the game today would be Sally Work and Fiona Williams, probably a tie,” Coach Gombos said. “They’re our top two scorers and they got lots of rebounds, lots of steals and breakaways, and they just hustled really hard the whole game.”