Varsity Wrestling Tackles the Match


Freshman Henry Bedell performs a takedown on his teammate during wrestling practice at W-L. This is Bedell’s first year in varsity wrestling.

Varsity wrestling was successful at the first match of the year, winning the overall meet by ten points. On December 4, many of the Varsity wrestlers were also able to achieve success in their individual matches.

There were plenty of pre-match jitters, although team members seemed to know how to calm themselves down. “I usually walk around and think about what I’m going to do in the match, and just try to get a clear mind,” junior Roy McCoy said.

Coach Mr. Daniel Morreale, however, has ways of calming the team down if they do have a bit anxiety. “Some have a hard time getting their nerves out, and others walk on the mat like they own it,” Mr. Morreale said. “As far as the ones who do get nervous, I try to talk to them one on one, or some of the assistant coaches who have a relationship talk to them let them know that they’re prepared and that they know what they’re doing, and they just have to go out there and execute.”

It was the fourth match that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Junior William Murphy went up against junior Patrick Lee from Annandale High School. Murphy started strong with a technique that is used to put the opponent off-balance and bring them down to the floor and land on top, referred to as a takedown. He was then  able to get out of the opponent’s control, which is called an escape. These together gave him a three point lead. Lee began to catch up thanks to a takedown and reversal, to move from the bottom position to the top position, therefore gaining control of the opponent, but Murphy made a comeback with a cradle, which is when a wrestler grabs the neck of the opponent with one arm, and wraps the elbow of the other arm behind the knee of the opponent.

Winning 8-4, Murphy was pleased, although he acknowledged the fact that he can always do better. “I think I could’ve stopped the cradle better, and I think I could’ve scored more points on them,” Murphy said.

Freshman Henry Bedell took on sophomore Eva Gomez of Annandale High School. Bedell triumphed, but by a mere three points. Considering this was Bedell’s first high school match though, he felt he had done well.

“I think it was pretty awesome. The environment was super cool wrestling up on stage, and obviously we won as a team, so I’m happy about that,” Bedell said.

Despite the opposing teams having members that were district champions in previous years, the Generals were able to pull through and win 39-29.

“I’m proud that we all persevered and kept going and were able to beat them, even though we had to forfeit a few matches,” Murphy said.