Kicking back into gear

Varsity cheerleading prepares for the new season


Sophomore Sophia Bailey practices her tumbling skills. Members of the team work hard to maintain these skills in order to perform well at competitions and events such as football games.

As most students began to prepare for the upcoming school year, the school’s varsity cheerleading team was already back in practices. Every weekday for three hours, members of the team can be found practicing both their routines and their tumbling skills at the school. While practices must be taken seriously, most girls on the team do not mind spending their summers at the school because of how close the team is.

“I love having the connection with people [where] if something’s wrong or something happens, you can go to them and they’ll always be there,” senior and co-captain Jaiden Kearns said. “They always are pushing you to be your best.”

While many members of the team are upperclassmen, there are freshmen on the team, as well. As they come into their first year of high school, many see being on the team as a way to get acclimated to the new phase of their lives, meet new people and get involved with their new community.

“Most people don’t know people when they enter freshman year, but I already know a lot of people,” freshman Alexa Brooke said.

Looking forward to the rest of the season, the team is optimistic. They have a busy schedule, as the team competes as well as being involved with the varsity football games. Many are looking forward to being at the games, while others are more excited to show off their skills at the competitions.

“My hope for this season is to win Districts, and then Regionals and States, because we’re really close and we can do it,” senior and co-captain Danielle Moreno said.