Looking back at fall sports


The varsity field hockey team won nine out of 16 games this season.

Varsity Football

The recent season, the varsity football team went 5-5. Senior William Murphy, one of the captains of the varsity football team, had a high opinion of the team’s performance. 

“I’m very happy with the team’s performance,” Murphy said, “especially considering the past two seasons. This season, we’ve won as many games already as we have in the past two seasons combined. Three and three. That’s pretty good.”

This year’s team looks to be doing better than before, and Coach Shapiro agrees. 

“This year’s group has already won three [games]. [They] resemble a lot of last year’s group; they work hard, they care a lot about football and they’re a cohesive team. I think everyone’s on the same page with a similar goal, they think ‘team first,’ rather than what’s best for them, which really helps in a team sport.”


Varsity Golf 

This year’s varsity golf team was a well-performing one. Assistant Coach Doug Grove gave his thoughts on the golf team’s progress, which were optimistic.

“I think we could have done better, I think there is room for improvement, I think they will improve. But for some of these kids, it was their first tournament. The more experience these players get, the better they’ll do.” 

Team member Riley Johnson said that the team did well, but the games were generally close. 

“I think we had a good season, we had a lot of new players, and it was nice to meet new people, because we lost a lot of our old players from last year that were seniors. It was an okay season, we came really close to beating a lot of teams that normally a lot better than us. It was a close season.”

As for the team themselves, Coach Grove believed that the team did well, but had room for improvement. 

“They worked really hard, they enjoyed being part of the team, but there’s still some things I think we all can work on. I think everybody could have played a bit better, but that’s golf. You’re out there by yourself. You’re doing the best you can. And one thing that all golfers learn is that sometimes you have it, and sometimes you don’t. And when you don’t, you need to figure out something to do. Because no one’s there to help you.”


Varsity Field Hockey

In latest months, the varsity field hockey team had a good record; out of sixteen games, the team won nine. Beth Prange, a field hockey coach of thirteen years, was optimistic about this year’s team. 

“They’ve been improving every game,” Prange said. “Unfortunately, we lost to Yorktown [on October 17], which wasn’t our best game, but a lot of their play has improved, they’ve played some really tough competition. I think we’re doing well.”

Field hockey player Dakota Klapper said that she was happy with the team’s performance. 

“I think we’ve been doing pretty well. We’ve worked really well together as a team, we had a really good team dynamic and that’s helped us to win a lot of games.”


Cross Country

The cross country team participated in twelve meets this season, including four invitationals. This year, the girls team got second at the county level, and three girls moved on to Regionals. Moving on to Regionals required team members to place in the top fifteen at Districts. The team did not do as well as last year, but Coach William Drake and Captain Anna Harpel both agree the team had a great season.

“One improvement for next year would be for our girls and boys teams to move on past Districts to Regionals,” junior Ally Obenberger said. “For the team to move on, they have to place in the top three at the district tournament.”


Freshman Volleyball

The girls freshman volleyball team has performed well this year, winning the majority of their games.
They won two games against Yorktown, losing only five games out of a fifteen game season.

The team originally had more than 30 people trying out. Players say their camaraderie has grown over the season. Natalie Cecil, one of the team captains, had this advice for anyone interested in joining volleyball.

“Practice. Have lots of positive energy. You don’t have to be the best player on the court to make the team.”


Varsity Cheer

This season, the varsity cheer team attended competitions, football games and placed second at the district competition. Senior Danielle Moreno, one of the captains, was excited by the team’s success.

“I am proud of our improvement throughout the years,” Moreno said. “In freshman year, I remember I would be so happy if we didn’t get last, and now we are one of the best teams in the region!”

The team has hopes that next season will be just as successful.

“Overall, we did a great job [this season]. For next season, I think [we] should just keep [our] spirits up.”