Fall sports wrap-up

Summary of how the various W-L teams did this season


Evan Fagen

Junior Jackson Broadwell kneels over in pain after a collision with a Langley player, who lies behind him

 Varsity Cross country 

This season, the cross country teams did very well. The boys team competed in District finals and the girls team made it to Regionals. 

“A team highlight would be that the girls varsity [team] made it to Regionals,” varsity runner Carolyn Bohnert said. “Everyone did really well throughout the season and I know everyone on the team improved.”

Freshman Emma Abramson, who also competed with the varsity team, had a similar experience. 

“Being a part of the regional team was a really cool experience,” said Ambramson. “[If you are interested], try it out, get to know the wonderful kids on the team … the coaches are amazing and it’s a great opportunity.”

Junior Oliver Meek also had a positive experience on the boys team. 

“Definitely [join the team],” Meek said. “It’s super fun and you can be an experienced or new runner to join, It’s like one big family. Everyone is cheering for everyone.”


JV Cross country

Junior Varsity (JV) cross country performed well this season, with the girls team winning the Georgetown Prep Invitational, one of many cross country meets.

Freshman Maeve Shoji, who began running cross country this August, felt welcomed by the team. 

“I really like team bonding,” said Shoji. “My favorite part was when it was raining really hard and we didn’t have school but we had practice so all we did was sharks and minnows. There were like 30 kids there.”

“[A highlight from the season was] placing top 15 and medaling at the Georgetown Prep Invitational with all the other JV girls,” senior Annabel Rotchford said. “It’s such a close knit and supportive community. [Next season] I think if everyone stays committed and continues to work hard but also have fun, we could have an amazing boys and girls varsity team.”


Varsity Football

Unfortunately, the varsity football team did not do well this season, only winning two out of 10 games. While the season did not go as planned, the team still had a positive experience.

“Especially at W-L [the football team is] like a brotherhood or a community that I feel like I wouldn’t be getting otherwise.” Junior Caleb Finkel said. “The community and the support I get is probably my favorite part [about playing],… I think we started clicking better towards the end of the season…and even when arguments came up, we settled them pretty reasonably.”

Sophomore Jackson Nowinski felt the same. 

“We won as a team and we lost as a team and everyone was always there for one another,” Nowinski said. “There was a real sense of togetherness”.

Ethan Dodini, a senior this year, was just happy to be playing this season. 

“I was excited, hopeful that I could show my worth on the team, and be a valued player on the team one last time,” said Dodini. “The team is loving, kind and have become some of my closest friends.”


Varsity Field Hockey

This season was an overall good one for the varsity field hockey team. The team went to District finals, but unfortunately lost to Yorktown High School. During the regular season, the varsity field hockey team won nine games and lost five. When including  playoffs, the field hockey team won twelve games and lost eight.

Mary Superata is one of three captains for the varsity team and a senior at the school. When asked about what she thought was a team highlight, Superata said, “[When] we beat Marshall [High school], because we won in sudden death shootouts and it was a nail biter because [in] sudden death [if] you don’t make them and the other team does, you’re out.” 

Superata’s favorite aspect about the field hockey team was her teammates. 

“Everyone’s super nice and supportive, once the school days are over we [ the team] talk about our day and it’s nice to have that little support system,” said Superata. 

Similar to Superata, senior Melina Axelrad is one of the three captains on the team and said that her favorite part about the field hockey team is simply the team. 

“In the past when you play sports sometimes people are a little too competitive, but everyone on field hockey was really friendly,” said Axelrad. 

Despite losing their first game against Yorktown, Axelrad said that it was a pretty good game because the student section at Washington Liberty came to the game and it was all very spirited and it felt so alive. 



The school frisbee teams performed well this year, with the boys winning the APS league and the girls team winning six out of seven games.

Sophomore Megan Mcbride enjoyed her experience on the girls team this year, and plans to continue playing next season. 

“ I started [playing] in the summer before middle school and grew to love it,” Mcbride said.  “One of my favourite games was against the career center and HB people, we outsmarted the team and changed up the plays people thought we would do, staying one step ahead of the other teams”.

Sophomore Eyuel Berhanu played his fourth season this year. 

“ [Games and training are] fun, the team is all together and present,” Berhanu said. “Everyone wanted to be there and was motivated. [Next season] I need to work on making better runs and being less indecisive. [We all need to] stay consistent and be more tolerating and accepting of others”.


Varsity cheer

This season, the varsity cheer team competed at two competitions, placing 6th in one, and 5th in the other. They also performed for an invitational as well.

“[This season] the team was very tight, we put our hearts into everything” Senior and Captain of the team Suzanna Monahan said.


JV cheer

This season, the JV cheer team competed at two competitions and performed during the football games.

Junior and JV cheer captain Annalise Collazo enjoyed her third year of cheerleading this year. 

“[My favourite part is] probably stunting, that’s when you throw them up in the air, or engaging with the crowd,” Collazo said. “I enjoyed this past competition, although it was kinda rough it was pretty fun and I was captain, it was fun getting all the girls together and doing little team bondings”.

Junior Ilana Newton got the chance to learn some new skills. 

“I [used to be] a flyer, so I was the one up in the air, but this season I was a base so I learned how to hold people up in the air,” Newton said. “I feel like I got a crap ton of exercise in”.

“[Next season] I’ll work on chants and cheers a little bit more and [on] my jumps”. Sophomore Nadia Escalera said. “[All of us] need to be loud and not get distracted and focus more”.


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