Chipotle Stops Using Genetically Modified Organisms; Why I’m Disappointed

Yesterday, I was disappointed, disappointed at the media treating Chipotle like heroes for not using Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms that have genes from other organisms added on to them. These additions lead to food such as corn that are resistant to insects eliminating the need for pesticides which benefits the environment as well as increasing production lowering prices for corn helping those who are food insecure.

There are no scientific studies showing correlating GMOs to actual health risks besides allergies due to the raising of certain levels in the process.  The biggest arguments posed by anti-GMO activists is that people now have more gluten allergies because genetically modified wheat contains more gluten.

Science has shown that GMOs are safe for human consumption and the argument that there not has as much scientific evidence as the argument that climate change doesn’t exist. However, unlike climate change deniers that the media treats as archaic madmen people who attack GMOs are treated as revolutionary activist. What is even more saddening is that as mentioned earlier, the use of GMOs protects the environment but proponents of them are treated as villains even though their actions are just as heroic as climate change activist who the media treats as heroic.

Now, this is a disturbing trend, increasingly the media is choosing to prey on our fears in order to get more views and more money rather than reporting facts. Let us take the Darren Wilson indictment for example. It was USA Today’s most viewed article of 2014. In this article it failed to mention the fact that it was proven by the Department of Justice that at no part during the confrontation did Michael Brown have his hands up and rather provided a testimony of someone saying he did. The article also failed to mention that the majority of witnesses rejected the claim that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was running at the cop or that they proved Darren Wilson was hit inside his car by Michael Brown.

Later governor Mike Pence was blasted by the media for signing a controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Nowhere did the media actually read the bill and find out that it only allowed religious exemption in cases where people were substantially burdened which in law refusing to bake for a gay couple wouldn’t qualify.

As part of the media, we need to stop selectively telling the truth and whipping up highly controversial stories to play on peoples fears. People who try to limit GMOs are as archaic as those who oppose stem cells and deny climate change. If you have a problem with GMOs regulation, talk about that, don’t scare people out of a revolutionary advancement in mankind. People deserve to know the truth.