Gun laws – will they pass?


President Barack Obama consulting with community members about enforced gun laws.

President Barack Obama announced to the nation On Tuesday, January 5 that new laws need to be put into action concerning gun control. He commemorated those killed in the attacks in Newtown, San Bernardino, Charleston and the Navy Yard. The speech occurred on the five-year anniversary of the Tucson, AZ attacks, during which congresswoman, Gabby Giffords and 18 others were injured. “I believe that the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right of every American to bear arms,” Herbert Posner said. “Any restriction on that right is a violation of the constitution.”

First Lady, Michelle Obama sat next to an empty chair on Tuesday at President Obama’s final State Of The Union in memory of victims of gun violence.  “The Sandy Hook shooting was the only time I’ve ever seen Secret Service cry on duty,” President Obama said in an interview with CNN. During the president’s speech, he said that laws needed to be enforced on gun control. He also said that gun violence has caused over 30,000 deaths nationwide each year and action needs to be taken.  “I think that guns are way too easy to obtain in the US,”  senior Keturah Adair said. “I also think that people shouldn’t be able to carry their guns in public as any weapon in public isn’t necessary and just gives the public easier access to unnecessary violence.”

According to a poll conducted by the New York Times, nearly 60 percent of Americans would like to see stricter gun laws passed and 54 percent think such laws would help prevent gun violence. “Although it would be nice to see laws about guns being passed, if any action wants to be taken,” son of former Maryland governor, Ray Glendening said. “It needs to happen at the local or state government, not at the federal level.”