Junior Sierra Randolph calls James Vincent McMorrow “Distinctive and Genuine”


For this week’s feature of What Are YOU Listening To, Crossed Sabres spoke with junior Sierra Randolph, an artist and avid music fan.

  1. Who are you listening to the most at the moment? James Vincent McMorrow, his music is  really wonderful.
  2. Why is he your current favorite artist? His music is very unique and breathy, and it really fulfills my daily dose of easy listening. And he writes his own music, which I appreciate very much.
  3. If one wanted to start listening to him, where would you recommend they start? They should start with the songs “Cavalier” and “We Don’t Eat”, and his album Post Tropical.

James Vincent McMorrow is a Irish singer-songwriter. His first album Early In the Morning was released in the United States in 2011, and received widespread critical acclaim, garnering a Choice Music Prize after its release in the United Kingdom. His second album, Post Tropical, was born after a three-week stay at a pecan farm near the Mexican border, the same farm which has housed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective and Beach House at one point or another. Its release in 2014 has brought McMorrow even more acclaim, going platinum in the UK.