Interview with track coach, Mr. William Drake

  1. What is the biggest challenge in being a track coach?

The size of the team. It is difficult to design your workouts to fit the needs of the athlete when there are so many different ability levels.


  1. What is the team’s goal this year?

It’s a different goal for almost all the individuals. For the varsity, our goal is to qualify for state championships, whether is for travel for individuals or cross country as a team. But really, you just want to see every individual improve as much as possible.


  1. How does the coaching staff challenge the team to do better?

It’s our job to push the kids, make them work as hard as they can within their limits. There is also a lot of motivation, mental motivation. to make sure that they’re enjoying pushing themselves hard because if they enjoy the experience, they’ll do well.


  1. What is your favorite part of being out on the track everyday?

I just like hanging out with the athletes. It’s a great group of kids. I love hanging out with them and encouraging them to push themselves and I love seeing the results when they achieve their personal best.


  1. Any predictions on what the season has in hold for the team?

I am hopeful we have a number of individuals qualify for states.