TSA Jewelry Sale


Earrings that a student bought from the fundraiser. They are handmade and one of eight different unique styles.

The  Technology Student Association (TSA) club is having a jewelry sale where they sell laser cut earrings all through December while supplies last.

TSA is a national organization for students. Ms. Danielle Meyer, engineering teacher and club sponsor, described it as a student version of the statewide technology and engineering association for teachers. They must be very professional and wear formal clothing when going to competitions. The organization accepts students from middle and high school and the students are given the chance to compete at many different levels.  

“One of my favorite things about TSA is the wide range of events you can participate in,” said John Blair, senior and club president.

The competitions include many different categories such as coding, extemporaneous presentation, prepared presentation and essay competitions. Students are allowed to complete alone, in pairs or in groups of up to twelve people depending on the event. It offers a wide variety of options for students to really figure out what they are interested in.

Last year the TSA participated in the state competition. They took a coach bus filled with students and chaperones to Hampton Roads Convention Center where the event took place. They also participate in the regional competitions. The price of the competition does vary depending on the amount of students planning to attend but these events can prove to be quite costly, which is why Ms. Meyer had the idea to start a jewelry sale.

“Every pair is made by hand right here at school,” said Blair.

The earrings can be ordered online using the link or QR code found on posters found around the halls. They also sold the earrings at the Holiday Bazaar on December 1.

“One of my thoughts as to why to do the earrings was to try to draw in more females,” said Ms. Meyer.

Some of her classes in the past have been majority men and some of them still are. TSA wants to recruit girls who might be interested in technology, but are unsure if they would like it or not. It gives them the chance to try it before fully committing and taking the class.  

Other than attracting more females to TSA, the earrings serve as a unique fundraising idea, something that the TSA hasn’t done before.

“In the past, our fundraisers have been fairly niche,” said Blair. “Earrings, for us, provided an opportunity to make something fairly easy that’s also really fun and popular around the time of year.”

Ms. Meyer also explained  how the process for making the earrings works.

It starts with students creating the designs. They then turn the design into a drawing file and transfer the file to the computer that corresponds to the laser where the laser will cut out the design. From there the students will attach the fasteners and thus the earrings are made.

They have made at least 800 pairs of earrings so far, but they do not plan on making any more just yet because they do not want to have too much inventory.

The students have put a lot of their time into making quality products for all to enjoy.

“Once I started going to meetings, I never looked back,” said Blair.