3…2…1… Action!


Action team members stand proudly in front of the Arlington National Cemetery, just after laying wreaths on the gravestones. Action Team hopes to complete many more service activities for future holiday seasons.

Distributing food for the homeless, bagging lunches, and volunteering at AFAC on given  Saturdays. Those are just some of the many things that the school’s Action Team does for the local community, through the hard work of students.

Action Team is a club that allows students to participate in the community by taking part in various forms of volunteer work. The club meets once a month in room 3010, which is Mr. Moses’ room. The club is open to all grade levels, and is always looking for more participants.

“Action team is super valuable to the school because it allows students all over [the school] to help out the community, and really make someone’s day.” junior and member of action team, Claire Schulte said. “ I really feel like it’s the small things that count, like when we made Valentines Day cards for the staff, and sang Christmas carols to the elderly.”  

Run by juniors Arantxa Bonifaz and Ellie Walsh, Action team has only about 15 current members, but hopes to gain more students who want to make a difference.

“It’s really important for action team to have a good amount of consistent people participate, because we can’t guarantee everyone shows up every meeting,”Bonifaz said. “students should really consider joining because it’s really a great opportunity to be with friends and improve our community all at the same time.”

Action Team and its members are very dedicated to the community, but the club  is still low stress, and does not require much commitment. Instead of meeting twice a month like the club initially did, they recently decided on meeting once a month, considering most of the activities they do are outside of school to begin with.

“If people are looking for a low commitment way to get involved in their community, Action Team is definitely a good place to look because you can choose how involved you are.”Ellie Walsh said. “You can help plan and organize the events, or you can just show up!”