Senior Assassins coordinator Henry Mai

Senior Assassins coordinator Henry Mai

Henry Mai organizes the senior game of “Assassins” in which students try to eliminate each other each day. Each day has a different safety, or thing that will not allow them to get out. Students are assigned a target and use socks to tap them out when their target does not have their safety on. Past safeties have been wearing pants on arms and tying shoes together. Mai reflects on the experience so far.

How has the planning for the game gone so far?

“The experience has been great, managing it in its self is fun but I wish I could play. Pretty much everything is going according to plan it’s fun to see how into the safeties people get.”

How many people are out? 

“The games have been going great. There haven’t been too many deaths but there also haven’t been too few. It has been a perfect balance so far. Half ares still in and looking to win”

Have you been able to collect all the buy-ins?

“Almost everyone has payed in and I’m sure that the people that haven’t will. It has been tough to get everyone’s money because there are so many people, but I have faith.”

What are some of the safeties to come?

“Sadly I can’t say. That is the fun of it all, not knowing what is to come.”