Senior Teddy Herbert and the recruiting process

  1. What do you feel was the most challenging part of the recruiting process?

The waiting and playing game after game without getting good looks from college coaches.  Some tournaments were better attended by coaches and scouts than others.


  1. What qualities do you think coaches look at the most in players?

They look at your character first. They ask your coaches if you are a good person, have good grades, and are not getting in trouble. Then they assess you at your sports skills.


  1. What did you most enjoy from the process?

I enjoyed travelling all over the east coast and playing tournaments in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and New Jersey.  I also enjoyed playing in some really cool, old stadiums and different college fields and playing and talking to our opponents from the various places.  


  1. What can make a player standout from the others?

His physical attributes- if he is really tall or really fast or has very developed skills.  College Coaches and scouts always look at the biggest and strongest players first, as they have the best chance at playing and succeeding at the next level.


  1. What did you take away from the recruiting process?

I took away the lesson that self-promotion is the most important thing to get what colleges you want to look at you and frankly anything you want in life.  You can do as many showcases and use as many scouting services you want to get exposure, but nothing goes further than a nice personal email to the Head coach to the school(s) you’re interested in.


  1. What advice do you have to any athletes looking to play college sports?

Get as much exposure, as early as you can. That means play on the best travel teams possible and play against the best talent. Also keep working on the fundamentals and little things, because they will be crucial in big moments and are very important at the next level.