Ms. Katie Aird


Ms. Katie Aird grew up in Falls Church, Virginia to become the school’s freshman Biology teacher after being keen on science. During her time in elementary school, Ms. Aird wanted to be a firefighter because she wanted to save lives then in middle school, a teacher helped her to fully understand the problem and not just answer it. “In middle school, I had a science teacher who not only taught the content, but also forced me to think critically,” Ms. Aird said, “never giving me answers, but prodding me consistently with questions until I reached a viable conclusion.”

After reading a lot of science-related stories Ms. Aird eventually became interested in science, to which she decided to work in Biology. “I remember reading about current events and discoveries and thinking that it would be fantastic to make a meaningful contribution to a “mystery” of science,” Ms. Aird said.

With the plan to attend medical or nursing school, Ms. Aird majored in Biology. She was unsure of what to do next until a friend suggested she apply for the Peace Corps. As a result, she spent two years teaching Biology and English in Mozambique until she returned to school. “The experience was phenomenal and led me to return to school for a Masters of Education when I came back to the States.”

The relationships she builds with her students is one of the reasons why Ms. Aird enjoys to teach. “Teaching is enjoyable because you not only forge meaningful relationships with peers and students, but you (the teacher) grow as an individual and educator on a daily basis,” Ms. Aird said.

Teaching hundreds of students who are all different have helped Ms. Aird be able to connect with various groups of people. “I learn from every experience and every person I interact with, which broadens my horizons, and helps me relate to individuals of quite varied backgrounds,” Ms. Aird said.

The positive impact she can make on the students is why Ms. Aird believes teaching is worthwhile for her. “Teaching is rewarding and you can see the positive results of your hard work and dedication,” Ms. Aird said.

She is currently at her 8th year of teaching, six of those years being in the district, and she plans to continue for a long time. “I foresee myself teaching for the rest of my career, and look forward to the opportunity to do so.”