Five clubs to consider joining

A rundown of some club options at Washington & Liberty

The sheer number of clubs at the school can be overwhelming for some people. There are more than one hundred of them! It can also be confusing for many people to find out when clubs run or if they even still exist due to COVID-19. To help, here are some club options at the school. 


Youth Activists Club: 

Youth Activists is a club at the school that is sponsored by social anthropology teacher Mr. Daniel Moses and run by students. It helps with events like sports drives and advocacy for making sports accessible to kids. 

“They collected a table full of cleats and sports equipment,” Mr. Moses said. These charitable actions to support the economically disadvantaged within our community is just one of the activities done during the club. 

 The club meets every other Thursday at 3:15 p.m. in Room 3010. It is planning to do more events like sports drives this school year, and will likely branch out more from there, with more issues like women’s activism.     

“I’m gonna have them actually come to my daughter’s Girl Scout group and talk to them about women’s activism in general,” Mr. Moses said. 

The club cares about service and the community and wants to make a difference. 

“It’s overall a service-oriented group,” Mr. Moses said. “It’s all about finding ways to combat inequity.” 


Art Club:

Interested in art? The Art Club  works on many projects that help brighten the atmosphere in and out of the school. Art Club is sponsored by Ms. Hiromi Isobe, who also teaches art during regular school hours. They meet Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. in room 1123. They spend their time on projects that they find interesting. 

“Right now, we’re working on the healing stitches,” Ms. Isobe said. 

The healing stitches is a project where sweaters are made for trees and hung on trees around the school. 

“They are knitted by staff, students and community members,” Ms. Isobe said. They also may do projects that are shown around the school. 

“Sometimes they make a mural and put it in the library, or put it in the hallway,” Ms. Isobe said.

 They even have some notable yearly projects. 

“Every year we do appreciation, teacher appreciation week,” Ms. Isobe said.  

And finally, if you are looking for a chill club, or you just cannot take the art class, this club is perfect. 

“Some students like art, but they can’t take it because of schedule conflicts,” Ms. Isobe said. 


Girls in Film: 

Do you enjoy watching movies, or are you interested in women’s activism? If so, Girls in Film is the perfect combination of both. This club meets every Wednesday during General’s Period (10:45 to 11:19 a.m.) in Room 2219. They enjoy watching movies specifically directed and produced by women. 

“Women specifically in the film industry have been a very marginalized group,” Meredith Lane, one of the club members, said. 

The club has enjoyed many films made by women now and in the past. 

“We’re watching “Lady Bird” by Greta Gerwig for our next movie,” Lane  said.

The club has also watched movies like “Nomadland” and “The Matrix”, both directed by women, in the past. One of their biggest goals is to inspire girls to be in film. 

“Despite the fact that over decades all these men dominating the industry have told women that maybe they can’t be successful, this club is trying to promote a contradictory view to that,” Lane  said. 


Engineering Club: 

Have you ever enjoyed working with construction materials online and in-person? Well, now you can! The Engineering Club focuses on creating projects and meets each Monday after school in Room 2224. They have a national project that happens every year. 

“It’s about urban renewal, and it’s about renewing spaces that are not currently being used or are in a low-income area,” Clara Grimmelbein, a club member, said. 

They have guest people come in to show the club many things engineering-related. 

“Mostly we have engineers from different companies that focus on different aspects of engineering,” Grimmelbein said. 

The club has done many projects already, in the past. “We built a sculpture garden virtually,” Grimmelbein said. 

They made it using Minecraft. They have even used projects to bring attention to issues like climate change. They made a sculpture of the oceans. 

“One half was beautiful, like the oceans, how they are naturally, and the other half was ugly to show the effect that global warming has had on the ocean ecosystem,” Grimmelbein said. 


ASL Club: 

Do you take the ASL class and want to learn more or are you interested in ASL in general? Then the ASL Club is a good choice. The ASL club meets the first and third Tuesday of every month in Room 3225. They do many things related to sign language. 

“A lot of times when there’s a holiday coming up, we’ll do holiday signs,” Shira Goldstein, a club member, said. 

The ASL Club focuses on multiple things during meetings. 

“Practice ASL, hang out with friends, learn more signs,” Goldstein said. 

Their main goal is just to generally improve at ASL.

They want to “learn more ASL than we do in class, practice with other people that aren’t in your class, and get used to signing around others,” Goldstein said.