Part-time jobs for full-time students

Words from students & job opportunities


Image shows a sign in the window of a store that is looking for new hires, something common for small businesses that are looking for local, part-time employees.

Between constant assignments from every class and managing to have a reasonable social life or level of happiness, finding a balance can be tough; why not throw in a part-time job too? Students entering the workforce in all fields, from bakeries to swim schools, have found creative jobs and new ways to balance school, athletics, and working. According to the Bureau of Labor, more than 11 percent of high school students have jobs. There are many reasons that students have for deciding to find a job, like wanting to save money for college.

“It’s great to have money for after high school and just day-to-day spending on things I want or need,” said junior Elizabeth Smith, an employee at Heidelberg Bakery. 

According to Smith, and others, students also find employment for the experience of a professional work environment and to improve social relations. Finding a part-time job as a full-time student (and potentially as an athlete as well) can be difficult, but the chance of getting to explore different careers leads hundreds of students at the school  to find a way to fit it into their schedule. 


Smith recently found a job through a close friend at Heidelberg Bakery, a shop close to the school. When working in a bakery, surrounded by bread and sweets, making the store look presentable is a big priority.

“We sell things to customers, ring people up, [and] make sandwiches,” Smith said.  “Restocking pastries can be a mesmerizing process, it’s definitely my favorite part of the shift.” 

Balancing a job, schoolwork and athletics is what creates Smith’s crazy schedule. As a part of the field hockey team, she dedicates at least two hours a day to the sport after school, and even more time on game days. 

“I’m mostly able to just work weekends for now because I do sports after school, so it becomes difficult to work during the weekdays,” Smith said.

Heidelberg lets students be very flexible with their work schedules, making it easier to stay organized and not get overwhelmed. This experience was similar for junior Noah Schoenbrun, a part-time employee at Pastries by Randolph, a kosher bakery in Arlington. 

“I’m allowed to take off any days that I want, I really only work two days a week [during the school year],” Schoenbrun said. “I fill cannolis, slice bread and put pastries into boxes.” 

The job of working at a bakery can be fairly universal, but Pastries by Randolph makes cannolis, which has quickly become his favorite part of the job.

Benefits of working at a bakery include getting to try items for sale and take home things that cannot be sold the next day.

“I get to try every pastry,” Schoenbrun said. 

Working in the food industry is not an easy thing to do, with cleaning duties totaling to almost two hours after the store closes. Schoenbrun does not have any specific strategy for balancing school and work, but his schedule will change once the crew season starts.

“I’ll be stopping my job until the crew season is over,” Schoenbrun said.

For a high school student looking for a part-time job, Schoenbrun has one recommendation for the kind of student looking to work in a bakery.

“[Definitely] people who are good under pressure,” Schoenbrun said.

Swimming coach 

 For those that are not interested in working with food, students like junior Jacob Martinage have found a way to work at a pool year round without being a lifeguard. Martinage works at Goldfish Swim School, a place for kids 0-12 years old to learn how to swim. Martinage leads 30 to 60 minute classes with up to four kids of ages up to 12, teaching them different swimming techniques and playing games.

Martinage gained his experience with children through church.

“I used to do a youth group that would take care of all the younger kids when their parents would have a night out.” Martinage said.

A great deal of patience comes with spending time with children, but Martinage enjoys the process.

“[I like seeing] The smile on parents’ faces when a kid levels up or finally gets over a fear,” Martinage said. “I like working with kids.”

However, Martinage recognizes the downsides as well. 

“Crying babies [are] the worst,” Martinage said about his least favorite part of the job. “There is this one girl who will cry, or try to cry, for the entire class.”

Having a rigid schedule because of set class times at the swim school makes balancing school work more difficult. 

“I work three days a week, at least one weekend and two shifts in general,” Martinage said. “Homework can be rough [but] having a flex in one of my morning periods really helps.”

Even so, he maintains that having a job is worth the extra time commitment. 

“It just makes me happier to have a job,” Martinage said.


Finding a job close to school is a priority for many working students, making the commute more manageable. Junior Collette Flocken, a stylist at South Moon Under, works less than two miles from the school. 

“We sell mostly summertime clothes,” Flocken said. “[the store] started off as a beachside boutique and now we  have stores across the country.” 

Like many other part-time workers in high school, Flocken heard about the job opening through a close friend that worked at South Moon Under.

“I thought it’d be fun to work with a friend, and I wanted work experience before college,”

Flocken said. 

Flocken mostly works with customers in the fitting rooms to help them decide on different sizes and styles of clothing, giving her more personal interactions with the customers. 

“I’ve gained a lot of patience. I have learned how to be kind to customers even when they aren’t being kind to you,” Flocken said.

Unlike other part-time jobs, South Moon Under asks for a permanent availability schedule during the hiring process. This means employees have to stick to a consistent work schedule, even during the school year. Having to balance taking a Career Center class with her schoolwork, Flocken often finds it difficult to find time for homework.

“I don’t have a General’s Period anymore because I’m going to the Career Center,” Flocken said. “[Lunch time] and days I don’t work are just dedicated to homework and studying.” 

Working in retail means that an interest in fashion is necessary, but social skills are equally important.

“You have to be a people person, even though I’m not, I’ve gained those skills [at work],” Flocken said. “You have to be able to figure things out for yourself…you have to use your best knowledge”

Despite the hectic schedule that jobs create, many students enjoy what they do.

“I look forward to working, Flocken said. “I haven’t really thought about it but I do…it’s really fun.”

Jobs hiring

Cava- $14/hr

Team members at Cava assemble orders for customers, restock food items, and clean tables around the store. The location hiring is close to school and no experience is needed.

 4121 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Punch Bowl Social $10-13/hr

Positions as a dishwasher and as a host are available at Punch Bowl Social. Dishwashing requires staying after closing and being very thorough, but no training or experience.

4238 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Harris Teeter $10-13/hr

There are multiple positions available as a cashier at Harris Teeter. The job includes scanning items and ringing up customers, requiring some physical labor. 

600 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22203

Buffalo Wild Wings $14/hr

Working in the restaurant industry, being a greeter or line cook at Buffalo Wild Wings is an option for students that are looking for more of a commitment in a part time job. Social skills and being good with people is necessary, but no experience is needed.

950 Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22203

Whole Foods $15-17/hr

For any student looking for a walking distance job, being a bakery member at the Clarendon Whole Foods fits the bill. A bakery member helps customers with breads, restocks the desserts, and prepares some of the fresh items for everyday purchase. No prior experience is needed, but physical ability to lift heavy objects occasionally.

 2700 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Starbucks $9-14/hr

The job includes making drinks, restocking the pastry counter, and working with customers. No prior experience is needed, but being social and eager to learn is valued.

  • 2413 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204
  • 1100 South Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202
  • 2690 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201
  • 1000 Glebe Road, Arlington VA 22201
  • 5515 Lee highway, Arlington VA 22207

Goldfish Swim School- $14/hr

This job includes teaching kids how to swim by leading 30-60 minute swim lessons for kids up to 12 years old. Any lifeguard or swimmer would be qualified for this job.

7395 Lee highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

Bartaco- $8-10/hr plus tips

Dishwasher and host positions are available. Bartaco is located on the food court of Ballston Commons, making it a short walk from school. No experience is needed. Good social skills and high energy is helpful for being a host. 

4238 Wilson Blvd Suite 120, Arlington, VA 22203

South Moon Under- $10/hr

Positions are open for stylists and cashiers. Responsibilities include helping customers with purchases and managing the store. No experience required, but interest in fashion is helpful in the interview process.

 2700 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Lost Dog Cafe- $8-10/hr plus tips as a host

Positions as a dishwasher and as a busser/host are available at both locations of the store. Job includes leading people to their table and running the floor during shifts for bussers. Dishwashers wash dishes. No experience required for either position.

  • 2920 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA
  • 5876 Washington Blvd, Arlington VA

McDonalds- $11-17/hr

Positions as a cashier are available at this global fast-food restaurant. The job includes interacting with customers and writing up orders. No experience needed.

5009 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA

Peet’s Coffee and Tea- $15/hr

Entry-level barista positions are available at this coffee shop, which includes making hot and cold coffees or teas with preparing pastries. No experience required.

3003 Washington Blvd, Arlington VA

Carlyle Restaurant – $8-10/hr plus tips

Positions as a server are available for students, including bringing out food to tables and serving food to customers. No experience required. 

4000 Campbell Ave, Arlington VA

Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken- $15-25/hr

Positions in management, the kitchen, and as a server are available at the Nando’s, ½ a mile from the school. No experience required. 

  • 4401 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA
  • 1301 Joyce st, Arlington VA

Chipotle- $11-18/hr

Crew member positions are available at this chain. The job includes assembling orders and preparing the add-in foods. No experience required.

4520 Lee Hwy, Arlington VA

Subway- $16/hr

Position as a sandwich maker is available, which includes preparing vegetables, breads, meats or cheeses and assembling sandwiches for customers. No experience needed. 

1701 N. George Mason Dr. 22205

Potbelly- $12/hr

Positions as a delivery biker are available at potbelly. This includes transporting orders to nearby locations via bicycle. Being able to ride a bike and endure physical activity is required for this position.

4250 Fairfax Dr., 22203

Cheesecake Factory- $14/hr

Positions as a host or a part-time baker are available. The job includes bringing guests to their tables and preparing cheesecakes in the bakery section of the restaurant.

2900 Clarendon Blvd, 22201

&pizza- $14/hr

Team member positions are available at nearby locations. This includes making pizzas for each order and taking orders for customers 

3924 Wilson Blvd. 22203

The Salt Line- $14/hr

Positions as a line cook are available. The job includes cooking and preparing foods for customers, mostly as a salad and appetizer chef. Experience with the food industry and cooking is highly preferred.

4040 Wilson Blvd, 22203

Old Navy- $9-13/hr

Brand associate positions are available. The job includes displaying clothing, helping customers and running the dressing rooms. No experience required, but interest in fashion is preferred.

1961 Chain Bridge Rd, 22102

Heidelberg Bakery- $10/hr

Positions as part-time bakery worker are available for students. The job includes building sandwiches, preparing displays, and assisting customers. No experience required.

2150 N Culpeper St, Arlington, VA 22207