Meet the School’s Two New Assistant Principals

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Photo Courtesy of Teachers

Ms. Shivers (left) and Mrs. Irving (right)

Let us warmly welcome the two new assistant principals at Washington-Liberty High School this year, Timica Shivers and Vica Irving. This is Ms. Shivers’s 15th year of teaching, and Mrs. Irving has 15-plus years of teaching experience. Although this is their first year as assistant principals, they have been a part of the W-L community for a while. 


“I think it helps because the new assistant principals Ms. Shivers and Mrs. Irving were already part of the W-L community,” Assistant Principal Carmen De La Cruz said. “So, they know the population and the students.” 


Assistant Principal De La Cruz, who has been at W-L for five years, is thrilled to welcome Shivers and Irving to the admin team this year.


“Perfect, as I said. I love my new assistant principals. They are fantastic. They were made for this job,” De La Cruz said.


Before coming to W-L, Shivers worked as a real estate agent and attended George Mason University for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. In her free time, she enjoys being by the water at the beach, reading, relaxing, and horseback riding. 


After high school, I worked at Navy Credit Union in banking for a few years, and then I was a real estate agent, and then I went into education,” Shivers said.


This year Shivers is excited to become an assistant principal. She has already been a teacher at W-L, so she is thrilled to step into the ninth grade assistant principal role. 


“I was in relationships over the course of my time here with teachers, all the building staff, and with students and, so really, to be in this other capacity where I can help serve more than just my classroom students really gives me great joy,” Shivers said.


Since Shivers is the freshman assistant principal, one of her goals for this school year is to get to know as many ninth-grade students as she can. 


“One of my goals is to get to know and see as many freshmen as possible, whether that’s in the classroom or outside of the classroom at extra activities,” Shivers said.


Shivers is looking forward to this year. Her advice to students is to stay positive. She hopes students will take school seriously and become motivated to learn. 


“Always look forward and keep your eye on the prize,” Shivers said.


Irving was born and raised in Romania. She came to the US in 2006 and finished her grad work. When she has free time, she enjoys reading, watching PBS Masterpiece, cooking, and spending time with her family.


“I went to college for my undergraduate degree in my country in Romania, and then, I came here in 2006,” Irving said.


This year is also Irving’s first year as a twelfth-grade assistant principal, so she is looking forward to seeing students happy and  supporting them.


“It’s a lot of fun,” Irving said. 


One of Irving’s goals for this school year is to create a feeling of community where students and staff can become successful. 


“I hope to help students be successful, help teachers and staff be successful in their job and get the community involved in helping our kids be successful,” Irving said.


An important piece of advice Irving would tell students is to try your best in school and to have a positive attitude toward things in life. 


“For the students, I would try, and I would tell them to come to school every day,” Irving said. “I would tell them to reach out for help anytime they need. Don’t put it off, and also, I would tell them to stay on top of their work.”


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