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How students affect businesses in Ballston


Scarlett Stevens

Local business Good Company

Where do you go with your pals after school? If you guessed Ballston, you are correct! Ballston has been a terrific spot to hang out and get food after school because there are many fantastic local companies to support.


As a result of an uptick in behavior problems in Ballston, students may be subject to certain unfavorable preconceptions.


An employee at Union Kitchen, Shana Ferguson, explains that adults are more prone to stealing than kids are. This shows that not all students are bad customers.


“We have dealt with shoplifting, but not so much in students. So I’ve never had that bad interaction with any students, it’s more like grown people.” Ferguson said.


One of the owners of Good Company Donuts and Cafe, Kate Murphy, discusses the positive energy that young people bring to her establishment. Although they do not  generate much business revenue, students do bring happiness.


“They bring a really good energy when they are here, they’re usually with friends. So it’s a big crowd, and they’re laughing and joking and having fun.” Murphy said.


Owner of “Gossip” on 23rd Street, Catherine Dress, discusses how she influences students and supports their enterprises. Students may bring companies amazing enthusiasm, profit, and all-around benefits; but what can these tiny enterprises do for them beyond just selling goods?


“I helped a girl that is in high school and I mentored her, and she started a real company and she has gone to so many fairs,” Dress said. “She’s made so much money doing this. She’s now in my boutique and she’s at a boutique in New York. So I actually just try to inspire teenagers, elementary school kids, anybody that I can.” 


Student’s overall contributions to business have been quite positive. Ballston is a fantastic part  of our neighborhood, and a place you should check out this holiday season. 


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