Stray Cat vs. Lost Dog

Being located adjacent to one another it is only natural that Lost Dog Café and its sister restaurant Stray Cat Café be compared. Though don’t expect many hard feelings to be generated by these judgments, both restaurants are owned and managed by the same people! In spite of being under the same management Stray Cat and Lost Dog have managed to cater to relatively different niches, both restaurants offer a bevy of sandwiches and desserts, but the main point of difference is that Lost Dog offers pizza while Stray Cat serves burgers. Both of these unique items are well-made and please the taste buds, the menus are evenly matched.

The same cannot be said for the atmosphere however. Frankly Lost Dog has become a victim of its own success, with the café becoming a deafening echo chamber during its more popular hours. Stray Cat on the other hand is peopled to a more reasonable degree, it is far easier to relax and have a conversation in Stray Cat. It is likely that Lost Dog is more crowded due to the fact that it is several years older than Stray Cat and is more established in the community. Next time you are in the Westover neighborhood ask yourself, why not Stray Cat?