Bastille steals the show


On March 28, Bastille, a British indie pop band formed in 2010, gave a concert at EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, VA, touring their second album, “Wild World.” With only two albums out, they played their new hits, including “Good Grief” and “Blame,” while also revisiting popular songs from their first album, “Bad Blood.” Among these were “Pompeii,” “Flaws” and “Icarus.”

Fans filled the stadium early and continued to trickle in as the opening singer, Mondo Cozmo, played a few of his songs. After he left, the two screens next to the stage began displaying a video by Bastille until the band came onstage. The lights and screens were well managed and added to the general feeling in the arena. The band’s main singer, Dan Smith, even went into the crowd, performing in a small elevated stage in the center of the arena and later singing on the stairs to one side of the stage. He encouraged everyone to jump up and down and have fun, and along with his bandmates, accepted posters and a flag from people in the crowd.

Overall, the concert was  full of energy from the band and from people in the audience. Bastille will continue on their tour until their last concert on May 13 in New Jersey. They have not said anything concrete about releasing new music yet, but seem to have a project called “Annie Oakley Hanging,” which they promoted in their concert by showing a short clip and displaying the name of the Instagram page (@annieoakleyhanging).

For more information about the band, you can visit their official website: