The Chainsmokers Album Review

The Chainsmokers duo, Drew Taggart and Alex Paul, released their album last month.

The Chainsmokers duo, Drew Taggart and Alex Paul, released their album last month.

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Song: The One        

This song opens with a chorus of people singing, almost in a sad melody. This is also one of three explicit songs on the album as well. The singer in this song is expressing his guilt for being “selfish” and “drifting off.” As the song progresses, it appears to be a break-up song. The singer seems conflicted about the break-up, but inside he knows that this break-up needs to happen. Overall, the song is more emotional than I had expected any Chainsmokers song to be, yet is still a good dance song that could be played at parties as well.

Score: 7/10

Song: Break Up Every Night

The song, even though still dealing with themes of breakup and heartbreak, has a more catchy beat and a more upbeat beat as well. In this song, the singer accuses the girl of wanting to “break up every night,” unlike the previous song which is the man expressing his knowledge that he must end the relationship himself. The songs seem to be creating almost a story of a failing relationship. This is one of the three songs with explicit lyrics as well.

Score: 8/10

Song: Bloodstream

Much like the first song on the album, a sad melody opens this song as a piano plays before the singer begins. Again, this theme of sadness or moments lost is a surprising turn from the Chainsmokers previous music which is all dance music. This is the last of the explicit songs on the album, and depict the singer’s difficult time alone in the world. The “break-up” that could have occurred previously in the album seems to have happened and the singer is coming to terms with what happened and how to continue living his life.

Score: 8/10

Song: Don’t Say ft. Emily Warren

What could be seen as the girl side to the “break-up,” Don’t featuring Emily Warren takes on a new narrator who is criticizing a man in this song. She believes their relationship is “done” and she does not seem as sad about it, almost angry instead. After a few lines, you realize that she was the one broken-up with and is being a little sassy in the song. She wants the man to take the blame for their failed relationship.

Score: 6/10

Song: Something Just Like This ft. Coldplay

This song was a single released before the album was, and has been playing on the radio for weeks. The singer describes his wonder in the world around him and how he wants what other people have. The singer wants a relationship that is easy and he “wants something just like” the relationship he is examining in the song. This is a very good, catchy dance song and has been transformed into other remixes already as well.

Score: 9/10

Song: My Type ft. Emily Warren

This song, featuring the “female” narrator again. She is conflicted about the person she is talking about, but she believes that he is “her type” even if he is a bad guy. She hates that she is attracted to him. The song’s beat is extremely catchy and I could see this as a remix or played in any dance setting.

Score: 7/10

Song: It Won’t Kill Ya ft. Louane

This song features a different female singer. This song is super catchy and I personally enjoy listening to her voice over the previous female singer. The song repeats the the “I want ya,” and describes how the singer wants to date a boy and her ways to try to get him to like her. This is an interesting song, and is another good dance song.

Score: 8/10

Song: Paris

Much like the song featuring Coldplay, this was released as a single before being part of the full album. Yet, with the context of the full album, it almost seems like this song makes more sense now. The line “how could I let you fall by yourself, when I’m wasted for someone else,” could reference the breakup that occurred earlier in the album and had probably scarred the male singer from trying to date again. Because of the context of the full album, I feel like this song has more meaning.

Score: 9/10

Song: Wake Up Alone ft. Jhene Aiko

The singer in this song is describing how she has more material things, but she is sad how she feels truly alone inside. She wants people to like her for more than just her things. This seemed like a drift from the original storyline of the album, but the song was still very catchy and entertaining.

Score: 7/10

Song: Young

This had an almost acoustic feel to the song, which was different and interesting. The singers in this song were reminiscing about the past and being “young.” There were many descriptive moments from the past that the singer describes, which could allude to past relationships as he comes to terms with the past. I really enjoy a story in a song, but the beat and music was very appealing as well.

Score: 8/10

Song: Last Day Alive ft. Florida Georgia Line

One interesting element is the inclusion of Florida Georgia Line, a country band, in this pop song. I was impressed by how versatile the voices were, thinking that there would have a country twang in the song, but it was very good. I think this song was a great conclusion to the full album, almost like a closing paragraph of a long book. It completed the “healing process” of the break up described early on, almost like all the characters of the album are happy again.

Score: 10/10

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