Festival of Lights brightens the community


The Festival of Lights was a two-day event on December 19 and 20 held at the school. The festival was a community event based on shining light on the goodness of people and to celebrate the community before students and teachers departed for winter break. This event was not a typical art show because students, staff, and members of the community around us were all participants in the creation process.  

Many students, other than art students, joined in creating this event. Art teacher Ms. Isobe Hiromi had an idea for the process of this event. “I had a vague idea towards the creation of this event when I came back to school in August,” Ms. Hiromi said.

To help create this event, art students started to work on different projects in the second quarter. W-L students and staff created artwork during December. Music students and students in the international baccalaureate program were also participants in the event, helping with selling baked goods and playing live classical music.

Participants believed that the event was successful on a multitude of levels. Art students learned the value of  collaboration, the process of curating an art show and the feeling of satisfaction when they witnessed people enjoying the exhibition. Participants and guests had different opinions on the artworks and the music in the space. “The Festival of Lights was beautiful,” freshman Zara Mughal said. “If there is one next year, I will for sure go.”      

The students brought an uplifting environment and “light” to all participants. Students also raised one thousand and two hundred dollars for hurricane victims through the generosity of the  community. “We created a space for all to reflect upon and to enjoy before winter break,” Ms. Hiromi said. It was a very nice way to end the year.”