Senior college help


Ms. Elysse Catino, school counselor, helps seniors prepare for the college application process.

It’s hard to walk around the hallways of the school this time of year without hearing a senior complain about college applications. With early action and decision deadlines approaching quickly, counselors have made sure that seniors have everything readily available to them to make their college application process smoother. “You can come [to college planning sessions]. There’ll be counselors that’ll be here, and we will help with whatever you need [in regards to] the college application process,” counselor Ms. Zarin Kapadia said. “If you want us to look over essays, if you need help with the Common App, you’re not sure what to do about this tiny piece of your application, come see us and we can help you with that.”

Seniors appreciate the efforts of the counselors in providing guidance in the college application process. “It’s really great that the counseling department is offering college help sessions,” senior Sophie Huther said. “These past couple of months have been stressful, so knowing that I have so many resources available to me is really helpful.”

After the process is said and done, counselors notice that many students stay in state when picking a college. “There are a ton of students who go outside the state [for college] as well, but students tend to stay with Virginia schools for sure,” counselor Ms. Elysse Catino said. Whether that’ll be true this year as well, will be seen in May, but until then, happy college application season!

Here are the dates of the college planning sessions: Nov. 19, Dec. 10 and Jan. 7