Voters gear up for election


Senior Lauren Montgomery is excited to vote about local issues during this year’s election.

As Election Day approaches, many high school students who were born before November 8, 1998, are quickly registering to vote. Young people are becoming a key demographic in the upcoming election, and these high school students are becoming a voice representing all students and student opinions. However, one issue that many of these students are facing is knowing where their polling place is and knowing what local issues will be on the ballot.

Though the most anticipated vote that will be on the ballot this year is the vote for president, there are some important local issues that will need to be voted on as well. Most high school students are not informed about local issues, which can be a problem when trying to cast a vote one way or another. Some important topics that will be up for vote this year include funding issues with the metro, local parks and recreation, community infrastructure, and Arlington Public Schools. Knowing which topics are the most important to you and taking a side will make voting easier. “I think I will be voting for Don Beyer because I like what he’s done for northern Virginia the last two years and he’s sent me lots of information about his campaign and ideology, so I have a good understanding of what he stands for,” senior Lauren Montgomery said.

Local offices will also be up for grabs this election. Some major offices include positions on the county board and school board. Libby T. Garvey, the current Democrat incumbent on the county board who was previously on the County School Board for 15 years, is running for reelection against Audrey R. Clement, an Independent who believes overcrowding in schools and loss of green space are important issues that need to be addressed by the county board. “It feels so great to be a part of social change both locally and nationally,” senior Kathryn Williams said.

There are also some proposed amendment changes to the Constitution of Virginia that will be voted on as well. One proposed change includes the “Right to Work” amendment. The basic meaning of this amendment is that a vote “for” this amendment would make it illegal for workplaces to require mandatory labor union membership for employment.Though this may not affect many high school students, it is still important to know where you stand on the topic because it will be affecting many other Virginians.

Some changes to the previous polling places due to construction sites include Crystal City, Wilson and Abingdon. All polling places are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. To know where your polling place is, check the website. “I will be voting at Clarendon United Methodist church,” senior Helen Turvene said. “I’m really excited to be old enough to vote this year.”