80’s dance a thing of the past


After anticipating an 80’s themed dance set for March 10, the dance was canceled due to the lack of tickets sold by the junior class. The dance was originally set up to raise money for the junior class, with the main goal of making prom tickets less expensive for the future.

In preparing for the dance, the junior class government held a poll to decide the theme of the dance. In order to make the dance more popular, they let all students participate and vote for their favorite theme. “[Out of all the themes], the 80’s theme won by a lot of votes,” an anonymous junior class government member said. “[But], we didn’t really have a lot of promotion so I don’t think many people even knew the dance was going on.”

There were many reasons why the dance was eventually canceled. “I think the date was a big reason for the lack of sales,” the member said. “It was a Friday night before an SAT and the date of the Yorktown hockey game so it really wasn’t the ideal time for a dance.”

Even with the canceled dance, the junior class government is confident that they will find a new way to raise money for their grade. “Right now, the junior class government is brainstorming new fundraising ideas for our class,” the member said.