Students encouraged to laugh more and stress less amidst exam preparations

In recent years, many schools across the region and the entire nation have organized a Laugh More Stress Less week as the school year draws to a close in May. This year, all APS high schools decided to bring this idea closer to students, with the counseling departments of each school organizing their own week in which there were fun and de-stressing activities taking place during all lunches of each day.

Each of the activities planned was centered around mindfulness and relaxation. Some of the most popular events included blowing bubbles in the courtyard on Tuesday and playing with Charlie, the therapy dog. “You can’t look at bubbles without smiling,” counseling assistant Ms. Anne Lenahan said.

The counselors planned these events in hopes that after participating, students would be better equipped to deal with the stress and anxiety that they may face before Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

While the effort that goes into planning occasions like this can often go unnoticed, many of those who participated came away from it with a positive and constructive experience that helped them de-stress.