A cause you can bike behind


Luke Dangel

Juniors Noah Toth, right, and Jack Mowry hang out around the bike racks. They are the organizers of the Bike for Cancer fundraiser.

Two students are planning a fundraiser on November 4 to raise money for the National Pancreas Cancer Foundation, which works to fund cancer research for pancreatic and liver cancer. The aim of the event is to benefit those with all forms of cancer, but it specifically focuses on pancreatic and liver cancers. Organized by juniors Jack Mowry and Noah Toth, the goal of the charity event is toto get the word out as much as they can around the school well before the date of the charity event. Although the two hope to raise a significant sum of money, they are more focused on increasing public awareness.

The pair hopes to raise a total of $1,000  through donations, and plan on donating 100 percent of all donations to the  National Pancreas Cancer Foundation. “The main goal for doing this fundraiser is really so that we are doing everything we possibly can do to contribute to the research done,” Toth said. “Whether it’s for [a] treatment or a cure, or anything that attempts to prevent anyone from suffering from this cancer.”

The event taking place to benefit research for cancer,  and the fundraiser is in honor of the mother of a close friend of Toth and Mowry, who died  of pancreatic cancer about two years ago.

“The event is dedicated to one of my closest friend’s mom who we unfortunately lost a couple years back due to pancreatic cancer.” Mowry said.   

The activity for the event includes starting the bike fundraiser in Arlington, and then eventually biking down to Hains Point in Washington, D.C.; the loop, in total, is about a 3.2 mile loop. Although biking the full loop is not required to in order to participate, participants are encouraged to bike as long as they can.

On the day of the fundraiser, there will be different locations to meet up in Arlington prior to biking down to Hains Point, to make sure a broad range of audiences attend.

“We will have three locations set up around Arlington that will meet at 11 o’clock,” Toth said. “There will be two leaders at each location.[The locations are] the front entrance outside of Yorktown High School, Washington-Lee High School and Wakefield High School.”

During the ride, if for any reason there are technical difficulties regarding the bikes, there will be areas for help to ensure everyone can continue.

“While biking we will have a pit stop to refill water bottles and [stations to] pump-up tires,” Mowry said.

Besides the basic bike necessities such as a helmet, and of course a bike, the only thing needed to participate is to show up to any of the named starting point locations. Students who hope to participate in the event are excited to attract attention to this cause, because they feel like this type of cancer is overlooked.

“I think it’s really awesome how a cancer charity event is being held for pancreatic and liver cancer, because I feel like not enough attention is brought to it,” junior Chloe Slater said. “It will be really cool to see everyone coming together to contribute to such an impactful event.”

Toth and Mowry are currently working on an interactive website, that displays much of the information needed for the event. If participants are looking to donate directly to the National Pancreas Cancer Foundation, a link will be included in the website. This fundraiser should be an enjoyable event for the community to come together for a good cause.  

“I think everyone should attend the ride,” Mowry said. “It will be a great social event all while raising money.”