Black History Month

the impact of students and staff at the school.


Black History Month is celebrated in the United States and Canada every February to acknowledge the history and contributions of African Americans. This month is significant to many people and impacts on students and staff here at the school.

“Black History Month has evolved over time,” Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions Coordinator James Sample said. “[It is recognized] to really focus and explore the culture and history of African Americans and to note the contributions and to understand that Black History is American History.”

Black History Month serves as a time to celebrate Black achievement and honor the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. history. In the past, contributions made by people of color were not recognized the same way as those made by white people. Because of this, many believe it is a month that deserves recognition and to be celebrated nationally.

“I think [it should be celebrated] because it has a very rich and dark history,” sophomore Maron Gebremeskel said. “I feel like that is not something that we can turn away from. It’s something that we need to learn about and educate ourselves about at all times.”

However, others believe the month deserves recognition but should not be celebrated nationally.

“[It should not be celebrated nationally] because the way that the government has commercialized Juneteenth, I’m worried that they might do the same thing,” sophomore Ethan Jones said. “I don’t need more bad promo for [Black History Month],” 

“[It should be recognized] as not necessarily a national holiday, but I also think it should be recognized as not just a time of year. It should be every day, all year,” Mr. Sample said. “It should be where all Americans and people around the world can learn the contributions, experiences, and history, and celebrate the cultures of different people. We’re at a place where all Americans [should be] learning about different people and different cultures.”                                  

According to Jones, Black History Month has an impact and is important to celebrate. It serves as a way to remember what Black historical activists have done throughout history and they can be honored today.

“In the past, it was always something that the school recognized but I didn’t really seek out for myself [to recognize],” Jones said. Now, I take it as a time to remember what the past activists did for Black people, Black history, and also what we could be doing now. I take it as a month to reflect.” 

The month serves as a time for people to connect more with their communities and celebrate cultural diversity.

“[Black History Month is important to me] because I feel like a large part of my identity lies in the Black community and Black pride,” Gebremeskel said. 

Overall, Black History Month is a time to spotlight and recognize the achievements African Americans have accomplished throughout history. Everyone can play a part in spreading the importance of the month, according to students and staff.

“Simply acknowledging [the month] is good. If you want to do more, you can provide resources or examples, like websites you can visit or places in the area that are doing events for [Black History Month].” Jones said.