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High school class news depicted with memes

Each school class has a meme that could easily represent what’s going on among the students. The images take a satirical approach at presenting these generally dreary topics.


By this time in the year the freshmen believe they have become acclimated to the school, and they talk of middle school as if it is years behind them. In reality, the reminiscing 14 year olds are only beginning to understand what high school entails. They will only truly be able to put their middle school days behind them once they have been zombified by hours of homework and crying over 89.4s.


The sophomores recently took their first PSAT. Although it is absolutely forbidden by the College Board, PSAT memes flood social media the moment the test is over. This is the first year the class of 2021 can understand the references. It is not unlikely to hear overly enthusiastic laughter from these scholarly sophomores in the hallways. Steer clear. You do not want the College Board on your bad side.


Many juniors have taken on the task of full IB. It was all fun and games turning in their neon course request forms last year, but now the pressure is really on. IB students can be found crying at night after a tiring day of school only to realize they have to do it all again the next day. They can complain all they want, but when it comes down to it, they are the ones who signed up for it.


As seniors frantically fill out their college applications that they left till the last second, they are constantly badgered by adults about where plan to go to. It seems as though grown-ups have forgotten just how short their tempers were when they were applying to schools. These overwhelmed coffee powered teen machines are on their last straws and wonder why people people cannot mind their own business.