Should There be More Additions to the Wizarding World Franchise?

Yes. Sirius-ly, yes.


Grace Joseffer

Wizarding World

Note before we begin: This article will have spoilers for the entire Harry Potter universe


Tik Tok has done many things, but by far, the best thing it has done is to repopularize the “Harry Potter” Wizarding World community. Draco Malfoy had a resurgence at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. A surge followed this in popularity of the Marauders era. The Marauders era is when Harry’s parents were in school leading up to the death of his parents. The Marauders even have their fandom that is often full of headcanons Headcanons are elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual or group of fans, but not necessarily found within or supported by the official canon. A canon is something true to the original story. However  we do not care about canons because it is better than anything good old JK could have come up with about them. 


Unfortunately, the Wizarding World has been dying off and is nowhere near as big of a franchise as it was previously. The new movies should have been hitting harder than they were, and there is much to be desired. The resurgence of the “Harry Potter” fandom and fan videos have caused a demand for a Marauders movie or television (TV) show that would be a prequel to the original series. If the Wizarding World franchise were  going to make more movies, then they would have to be prequels or at least show a wildly different perspective than what we already know from the “Harry Potter” books and movies. 


The original series was told, and the sequel (“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”) for it is out, so there is no need to add on what has already been done. The only sequel movie I want would be one with Luna because she was not in “The Cursed Child” and is a fun, interesting character that I would love to see more of in a new series. In terms of prequels, the highly anticipated and needed one for the Marauders, a possible TV show about Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort) and his rise to power that would end with his “death” as a result of Lily Evans-Potter. The Wizarding World having good new movies would garner views and be a fun way to expand the beloved universe. 

The Marauders movie or TV series would  quickly go through James Potter’s, Remus Lupin’s, Sirius Black’s, and Peter Pettigrew’s first few years at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Wizardry. The  majority of the movie or show would focus on their later years. It would include Sirius getting disowned and moving in with the Potter’s. Sirius’s relationship with his brother, Remus’s werewolf situation, the Lily and Snape drama and what it was like for these young adults to be in school and enter society during a war. It would also end with Sirius getting arrested for “murdering” a bunch of people and Remus reacting to all his friends leaving him. They had to grow up fast, and most of their friends did not live very long including Lily, James, and Marlene McKinnon.


It could also be a good idea to include a Slytherin perspective through Regulus Black, Sirius Black’s little brother. The Black family drama would be a key point in the show. It would be important to include how Sirius escaped their family household while Regulus was left behind. A key event in the show would have to be Regulus’s inner conflict with becoming a death eater and his later betrayal of Lord Voldemort that led to his death. Taking good elements from headcanons and fan ideas would help elevate the plot a lot. 


There are many fan casts (fan casts are casts made by fans) for the Marauders (including a more diverse one that has a Desi version of James Potter played by Reiky de Valk). However, the most popular ones have Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin, Dane Dehaan as Peter Pettigrew (very generous for Peter in my opinion), Timothée Chalamet as Regulus Black, Sophie Skelton as Lily Evans-Potter, Sadie Sink as a young Lily Evans-Potter, Louis Garrel as Severus Snape, Katie McGraph as Bellatrix Lestrange. That fan cast has gotten so popular that even the celebrities are now aware that they were “cast” as those characters. Andrew Garfield and Ben Barnes are both aware of the fan cast and have spoken out about it multiple times. 


“I’m flattered to be considered a Marauder; a fancast, if you will, of a young Remus Lupin in the Marauders,” Garfield said in a Wired Autocomplete Interview. “That’s a sweet thought, and I appreciate your consideration.”


Ben Barnes has a different reaction to being fan casted than Garfield.


“People always say, ‘do you know you’re Sirius Black?” and I say Gary Oldman was Sirius Black.. I saw [the movies] so I don’t quite understand,” Barnes said in an instagram live interview. “I think they’re talking about a sort of like prequel thing and I’m like ‘y’all know I’m almost 40, right?’”  


The Tom Riddle show would have the same cast as listed above.  It would  include Tom Hughes as Tom Riddle, Evan Peters as Evan Rosier, Maxence Danet-Fauvel as Barty Crouch junior, Harry Lloyd as Lucius Malfoy, Sara Godon as Narcissa Malfoy and Eva Green as Walburga Black. The show would focus on his rise to power,  gaining followers and popularity among the pureblood crowd. It would be set when Riddle is an adult with flashbacks to his Hogwarts days that will fit the story and provide context as needed. 


The Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle’s followers, would be in it, obviously, and there would be moments for viewers to get to know each character. This includes  Albus Dumbledore’s role in the shaping and creation of Lord Voldemort could be something fun to include like Dumbledore was so intentionally mean during their first meeting, or how Riddle cursed the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher position at Hogwarts after Dumbledore would not n’t hire him for it. Including fun pieces of information alongside  the dramatic magical terrorist story would captivate the viewers attention and imagination. My final idea would be a sequel to the original series, and  a continuation of the “Fantastic Beasts” prequel series. The following“Fantastic Beasts” movie should end the Scamander-Dumbledore-Grindelwald saga, but there should be a fifth movie that followed, starring Luna Lovegood. Luna married Rolf Scamander, the grandson of Newt Scamander(see what I am getting at here ;)), and they had twin boys together, although they were born significantly later than the children of other characters in the original series. Rolf and Luna are both magizoologist (basically a magical zoologist) and spend their time traveling to find new creatures. Rolf even helps Luna prove that some of her animals are  real. An adorable Luna and Rolf story or even a cute family story, where they are traveling looking for creatures and run into trouble somewhere, would be an excellent way to end the series. It would also be a great way to re-introduce the quirky character we know and love.  It would also be a great way to re-introduce the quirky character we know and love. 


I hope you liked all of my ideas and learned more about the “Harry Potter” fandom!


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